Finds of the week

In this collection, rare photos are collected from the Olympic Games of Stay Presidency. From it, you can find out, for example, that in 1908 there was a female shooting of onion among the disciplines. In that year, women took part in the Summer Games held in London: In addition to archery, they showed their skills in figure skating and tennis. In general, the Olympic Games program in 1908 was very curious. In addition to the usual athletics, swimming and firing athletes also competed in the same de Pom (the old French ball in the ball), hockey on the grass, lacrosse (team game with a rubber ball), tugging the rope, sailing and even bicycle polo!

We approached the corner

Parents who came to pick up children from one Hong Kong school were very surprised and frightened. They found that a flock of wild boars under the leadership of a giant leader was found on the territory of the educational institution. Animals were clearly hungry and engaged in the plunder of the garbage container, located literally a few meters from the school building. They were so passionate about the process that they did not pay attention to people who immediately began to shoot a lot on video. Fortunately, no one was injured, and animals, finished their work, retired to the forest. By the way, the boars also do not give rest to the southern Koreans.

Fireball in the sky

Finds of the week 40

Residents of the Portuguese Island of Madeira in 2016 were surprised by the appearance in the sky of an unusual cloud. It was surprisingly reminded by a meteor or fireball from some film in fantasy genre. However, in fact, the cloud was simply a suitable form, and the sun’s sun successfully highlighted it – and it turned out such a dramatic effect. By the way, there is a whole cloud lovers society on the Internet. He was founded in 2004 Gavin Pretor Pinni. He opened the site where people sent photos of the clouds, and he united them in the gallery. Now in society is over 30,000 people from 83 countries of the world. Among the most unusual finds of society there are, for example, clouds in the shape of a monkey head, an aliens ship, Aladdin’s lamps or chicken.

Tailed Thief

YouTube User under Nick Viva Frei posted on its channel in the social networking video. The protein stole a Gopro camera at the blogger and accidentally filmed his epic escape on the video. Unfortunately, in the end, the animal dropped the camera with a high tree, so the file was damaged and the last 30 seconds of recording could not be restored. But even by what happened to be saved, it can be understood that the life of proteins is a solid adventure!

Finds of the week 40

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