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This is how in 1938 in Indonesia looked a ceremony of spilling of the teeth with a file. By the way, such a tradition is still in the go to Bali and wears the name "Gigi Potong". The fact is that fangs and generally sharp teeth at the Balinese are considered a sign of a demonic principle, so they are accepted to cut. In addition, Gigi Poton is considered a milestone, after which the teenager finally comes into an adult life, this is a peculiar initiation, initiation. This ceremony is very expensive, it costs about $ 3000, so most often members of one family make one Gigi Potong to send immediately for several people. Thus, an execution in one day can be subjected to both a 14-year-old teenager, and already married woman 30 years. For the ceremony and men, and women dress up and make makeup. Files that have the teeth are not disinfected in any way (as well as do not make anneasiating), but they read a lot of prayers over them. It is believed that if a person is ready for a ritual, then his gods will protect him. Read also about other dubious ways to "bring beauty", which in different times it used humanity.

On com shouting lynx?

Have you ever heard how shouts in a marriage? Then look at Shimmer, one of the females lyry living in the Polar Park Reserve in Norway. In the Park of Wildlife, mostly representatives of the Northern Fauna live, especially many brown bears, tricks and wolves. Loss, sheep, northern and noble deer are also found.

By the way, you knew that I had such a fine rumor that they could hear the steps of a person for several kilometers? And they hate foxes! Scientists argue that this is due to the fact that the foxes love to steal someone else’s prey. So if the lynx notices next to the fox, then after successful hunting is specially waiting for it. If the cheating is trying to make prey, trot attacks. At the same time, she never eats a dead fox, but just leaves her on the spot. Maybe.

There are women in our selets

Admire the selection of photos of women of the Soviet era. These pictures were made in the 1950s, and the girls were imprinted not only during skiing, but also at work. Traditional profession, the ladies are not always "female" – there is, for example, a portal and tower crane machinist, combiner and shutterman of the ship. By the way, many of these pictures are the works of photographers of the legendary magazine "Spark" Mikhail Savina and Fritlanda seeds. For their lives, they made thousands of frames to capture everyday Soviet life. Earlier, "my planet" talked about cases when women choose unusual profession for their sex – for example, became a toroidor or samurai.

Sunny circle

Finds of the week 4

There are only two places in the world, where the sun is not sitting on the horizon for many days, but only revolves around it. This is the South and North Pole. It is on the southern pole of scientists who took off a unique video. In total, the shooting lasted five days, and then the resulting video accelerated from 120 hours to two minutes. The fact is that due to the tilt of the planet’s axis, only one sunset and one sunrise can be observed in this place of the globe. After the sun goes out (a polar day begins), it will only circle across the sky and rise above until the middle of the summer, and then start slowly go back to the horizon. So, if you like to watch long sunsets and sunrises, you should surely visit this place! See also the photo project on "My Planet" dedicated to the conquest of the Southern Pole in 1910-1913.

Very nice, king

At this parade picture, made in 1903, the last emperor of the our Empire Nicholas II was captured with his wife Alexander. On this day in the Winter Palace (read also about other luxurious residences of monarchs in the material "My Planet") passed the famous costume ball dedicated to the 290th anniversary of the House of Romanov. All guests invited to him came to a holiday in the costumes of the Dopererovsky era. Nikolai was dressed in the so-called "Tsar’s weekend dress Alexei Mikhailovich". The outfit consisted of a caftana and a fear of golden brockers, the royal cap and a rod (which is now stored in the weapon ward). The Empress chose for himself the costume of Queen Mary Ilinichna. Court ladies dressed in Kokoshnikov and Sundars, and men died into Sokolnichi and Sagittarians costumes.

But the most valuable thing for us is that at the end of the ball on the orders of the empress of the participants filmed the best photographers of St. Petersburg. They created single and group portraits of guests. Moreover, in 1904, a special gift "Costumed Ball album in the Winter Palace" was released in 1904, in which over 190 shots entered. Part of these albums reached this day.

Finds of the week 4

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