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USA, 1949. At this picture, the Betty Datter model demonstrates the capabilities of a new vending machine. I distributed that non-sandwiches or coca-cola, and the sunscreen. Any pedestrian, lowering a coin of 10 cents, received a 30-second portion of the cream from the tan. Set these devices was offered on beaches, tennis courts and outdoor pools. By the way, the tan entered the fashion quite recently. But what sacrifices on the altar of fashion people brought before – read in the material "My Planet".

Heavy share

How difficult was the knights to get into the lats, you can see in this video. Here is the full ammunition of the Warrior of the XIV century, which was recreated by engravings of that period. Imagine armor: helmet, chain, kirase, skirt, boobs, elbows, gloves and t. NS. – together we were weighed about 30 kg. This, however, does not mean the clumsiness of the knights in battle. Yes, in a person in full military closure for walking leaves twice as much energy than the usual pedestrian. The main burden falls on arms and legs, so the knights had to train muscles hard to train. Thin slits in the helmet were limited to the influx of oxygen, because of which the warriors exhaled faster. But in general, with certain training, the knights could also jump onto the horse, and the ax waving.

And what have they had to do in the minutes of "knight" weakness? About this "My Planet" told in the material "How to go to the toilet Knights in the armor". And finally. Imagine: XI century. You knight. Lazy peasants and pions submitted your budget, enemies crave revenge. We have an instruction how to solve all the problems, going to the Holy Land!

Large fish

American Eduard Llelelelen In 1903, at the coast of California, I was lucky to catch an exceptional fish: the sea bass weighed 425 pounds (about 193 kg), for a memorable picture I had to build a stand. It was a world record. He overlapped several times, but since 1968 unchanged. Then the sailor James Makadam-ml., having a reputation of the "desperate head", in the same waters caught 563-pound (255.60 kg) copy. In the length, a record "fish" was 226.06 cm, in width – 182.88 cm.

Giant sea bass (Steleolepis Gigas, Giant Seabass) – one of 110 seabal species. It has really tremendous sizes and can live up to 100 years. These fish were for quite a long time of sports hunting, in the 80s of the 20th century, they were almost extinct, which forced the US authorities to take action. Currently, the population has approximately 500 individuals. Previously, "My Planet" published a photo project about the giants of the animal world.

Magic Milky Way

This amazing timelaps video of the Milky Way made the photographer James with. Piper on Lake Shadow in Yosemit National Park (USA). Stunning beauty, is not true? According to the latest astronomical data, the diameter of the Galaxy Milky Way is over 120,000 light years and it contains up to 400 billion stars. The solar system is modestly located at a distance of 27,000 light years from the center of the galaxy, on the inner edge of the spiral concentration of gas and cosmic dust called Orion sleeve. Therefore, the current address of our planet will sound like this: the supercountability of the Virgin – Galaxy Milky Way – Orion sleeve – Planet Earth. Do not forget if you write the address on the postcard!

High sitting

Finds of the week 39

Paul Goldstein – world famous photographer of wildlife. In his lens fell like African deserts and Antarctic ice (by the way, earlier "My Planet" published little-known facts from the history of the development of this harsh continent). But the special passion of the floor was always jaguars, cheetahs and leopards. "These are predators that I am obsessed with the years," says Master. In one of the National Parks of Africa, he managed to fall out a tree, which, as a observational tower, was chosen by several wild chepads at once.

Leopards and jaguars are often confused. No wonder – externally they are very similar. But there is differences. The most noticeable one: jaguar spots on the skins are larger, and, accordingly, their smaller than the leopard. In addition, Jaguar himself is larger in itself, but it is possible to determine it, only putting them nearby. In the wild it is impossible, because these animals are radically different in habitat: jaguars live in the southern part of North America and in South America, while leopard – in Africa, Asia and the Far East. Jaguars are perfectly swimming. Leopards can also stay on the water, but much worse. In addition, Jaguar is stronger and aggressively leopard, and they are more likely to attack a person.

The differences of the cheetah from the leopard are the following. Chepaddo has a more fragile appearance body, and leopards are massive. Cheetahs can develop a huge speed, and leopards are more slow. Also, leopards love to drain their prey on the tree, but the cheetopads have such a habit.

Saving water

When the street is worth 43-degree heat and woody frog offer water, she will doubt it completely without any doubt! Why? Secret is simple: frogs do not drink water in the traditional way, they absorb moisture surface. For this, serves a special area on the abdomen and hips of amphibian. In addition, the fluid enters the animal organism with food.

Another funny fact is related to how frogs swallow. In this process, not only the language of amphibian, but also his eyes. After the frog draws food into the mouth, she immediately closes them! Many people think that this is from pleasure. Maybe so, but also there is a physiological reason. Frog eyes are separated from her mouth with the finest film. As soon as they close, they turn out inside the body, and with their help the animal pushes food into the throat.

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