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The Césares de Roma project (Roman Caesari) was born from the desire of the Spanish sculptor and the artist Salva Ruano to give a classic Roman sculpture more humanity and make it more modern. Therefore, he began to create hypereal busts of Roman emperors, taking antique samples as a basis. The last of the completed work is an impressive image of the emperor of August. For its manufacture, the author went five months. In his blog, Glory Shvets compatible in photographs the work of Ruano in different angles and famous busts of the Roman Caesar. What do you think look like? If you want to personally check the similarity, it’s time to go to Rome. Previously, "My Planet" talked about the sights of the Eternal City.

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Finds of the week 38

Than just do not draw pictures! For example, using a conventional top. Such a method of drawing is very popular in European and American kindergartens – so in children develop creative abilities. But the author of this video clearly raised the process to a new level. By the way, Yula is one of the most ancient children’s toys. Archaeologists discovered in Iran a clay top of about 6,000 years! In general, the wipes were made from a wide variety of materials: cut out of stone, wood, cast from metal. Primitive tribes made them from seeds and nuts. "My Planet" wrote about other toys in the oldest history of mankind.

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