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Everything, calendars with pumped firefighters and hot polystamines forgotten! Who needs them when you can hang on the wall here this masterpiece from farmers from Ireland? By the way, cheerful Irish produce such annually, starting in 2010. Admire the best shots from the calendar for the future, 2019 and the work of past years. By the way, part of the funds received from sales, farmers spend on charity: send livestock in developing countries. So you not only be able to decorate your home, but also make a good deed. Admire also on calendars with bearded woodcase and with cool police dogs, as well as learn about the calendar of holidays in residents of different countries.

Cinema, Sinema, from you we are crazy

This film was shot on Tverskaya Street in Moscow in May of the distant 1896. Created his Charles Moisson, the famous film operator and the Lumiere brothers. He came to Russia along with Francis Dubie to hold the first demonstrations of the "live photograph" – Sinematograph of the Lumiere brothers in St. Petersburg Garden "Aquarium" (previously "My Planet" told about the iconic sights of the Northern Capital). In the intermission between the second and third action, the Operettes "Alfred Pasha in Paris" were shown several films: "Arrival of the train", "Wall", "Sea" and others. The audience were in full delight. In Moscow, the shows took place in the theater of Solodovnikov (now this is the building of the theater operetta) – apparently, at the same time, this film was shot. Interestingly, on May 26, 1896, Moisson with Dubie produced in Moscow, the shooting of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II.

Catch the wave

The famous wave is a gallery of rocks and sand, located along the border of Utah and Arizona states in the United States, – every year attracts many tourists. This unique mining education has formed in millions of years, when sand dunes gradually turned into solid rocks under the influence of rains and winds. At the same time, despite age, the construction is very fragile. It is located on land owned by private property, and to preserve it as long as possible, the territory owner has limited excursions by the number of tourists. You can see a maximum of 20 people every day to see the wave. You can get the coveted pass in two ways: either four months before visiting to buy a ticket for a strictly defined date, or to participate in the online lottery – it is thus played daily ten tickets. Ready to experience luck? Earlier, "my planet" talked about other hard to reach (truth, not because of the strict owner) places of the planet.

Reversed canvas

Finds of the week 37

This year at the annual parade in honor of Halloween in the suburb of Tokyo Kavasaki, among other participants, unusual "live portraits" were seen. Creative Japanese dressed in costumes of the heroes of the pictures of famous masters: Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Minka, Pablo Picasso, and "Fluffy Jesus" – an unsuccessful restoration of Elias Martinez’s fresco (Find out about other famous acts of vandalism in art history). Moreover, below frames all participants were dressed in flirty tights in a mesh and heel shoes. Of course, the group won the prize for the best costumes, the so-called pumpkin premium, and received 500,000 yen. This year, 120,000 people gathered for all this magnificence! Also admire the Halloween in Osaka and watch the video about the tenant history of costumes for the day of all saints.

tear Komsomol

Read a fun excerpt from a book of books popular in the USSR. G. Kagan "How young people spend and how to spend pay", released in 1928. In it, the author told the young generation, how to lead a personal budget and spend money on important things, and not the minor, to which he took and overly beloved by girls decorative cosmetics. Yes, in those days did not exist beauty bloggers, for whom self-care became gainful employment!

Finds of the week 37

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