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This photo was made in 1925. It is captured as Circus Slachant Stephen towers a car with teeth along the streets of Berlin, demonstrating his non-lawy. Golden Era Stroke in Europe and Russia accounted for 1890-1940. Crowds of people filled circles and concert halls, seeking to see amazing tricks. They were disturbed by such questions: Can he carry a horse on his shoulders? And keep the car on the throat? Demolish the elephant on the stairs? Or break the chain on the chest?

Each artist sought to come up with something special, find his chip. Famous strongman John Holtum caught 50-pound (22.67 kg) kernels that were shot from gun. With the first attempt to do it, he lost three fingers. Iron Samson Alexander Zass brought metal rods and ripped chains – subsequently it helped him to escape from the Austrian captivity during the First World War. In Russia, one of the most famous warriors was Evgeny Sandov. He developed a whole system of physical development, which eventually became the forerunner of modern bodybuilding. Earlier, "my planet" published a material about athletics in pre-revolutionary Russia, and also talked about the most unusual records in the history of the Olympic Games.

Master of plates

So print prints on plates on one of the Chinese factories. The spectacle is just as ambiguous, how fascinating, and the technique is called tampon printing. This is a variety of deep print. The elastic intermediate element allows you to transfer the image with a printed flat shape to almost any surface. Nowadays, printing pictures can print images on tennis balls, fountain pencils, covers of cans, disposable tableware, icons, and t. D.

The method of tampon print appeared in Switzerland, there it was made by the clock dials. In those days, a tampon from gelatin was used to transfer images. Nowadays, synthetic rubbers or polyether. They are enough to make several thousands of writing.

Here was hedgehog

Finds of the week 36

No, it’s not a stranger, it’s only a skeleton of hedgehog. You, by the way, knew that they had a tail? True, it is very short, only 3 cm, so under normal conditions it is not visible from under the needles. Jerzy appeared on Earth another 15 million years ago! These are very curious animals. On average, one hedgehog is about 10,000 needles (they are born naked). And they also have 36 teeth, which, like people, can fall out of old age. The hedgehogs are greater than any other animals suffer from ticks: when they run on the grass, then needles, as if comb, combed parasites, which will be happy to settle on animals. To scare them, hedgehogs go to the trick. They are heating on needles. Cigarette cigarettes to go tough tobacco. In epidemiology, there is even the concept of "Ezhelsa" – it means the number of ticks, which hedgehog collects in the hour of running through the forest. These data scientists are then used to identify the foci of tick-borne encephalitis. It is known that in winter, hedgehogs fall into the hibernation. Read also about other beasts that do that.

The hedgehogs are perfectly tamed and then quite get along with other pets – dogs and cats. However, they are very loud to have it, moreover, at night, so they rarely hold their homes (but if the barbed friend is hardened, then even on vacation!). Hedgehog’s skeleton in the photo just belongs to the tamed hedgehog, whose memory hostess wanted to perpetuate after death.

In a jump

When residents of Australia overlook the morning walk along the ocean, their neighbor can easily become. kangaroo. Those very love to jump in coastal waves. Moreover, these animals are able to swim and, in case of danger, often strive to jump into the water so that they will drown their pursuer: they wrap the enemy with the front paws, and the backs of hazardous blows are applied to him. Kangaroo are able to jump at a height three times higher than its own growth and 12 m in length. At the same time, they do not know how to walk and praise, and on land moving only with jumps (fortunately, this rule does not work in water). In total, a family of sample mammals includes 67 species, of which four have already been extinct (about other extinct animals in the 20th century – by reference). Kangaroo – very ancient animals: their images are found on rock paintings created 20,000 years. The name of them comes from Gangurru – the name of the animal in one of the languages ​​of Australian aborigines. For the first time this word was recorded as Kangaru when swimming James Cook in 1770.

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