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So in this unusual way in 1926, the Wiking Ship was transported through the streets of Oslo. Buried Ladvi found in 1904 near Tensberg in the Norwegian province of Westfoll. It was a dragon made of oak. According to researchers, he was buried at about 834. The burial was feminine and belonged to Queen Ace from the kind of ingling. Unfortunately, it was robbed in antiquity: thieves took all things from valuable metals. However, fortunately for archaeologists, there are objects of wood, peacock bones (!) and fabric. In particular, there are many pieces of silk in Drakkar. Modern studies have shown that the fabric was produced in Persia. It is assumed that Silk Vikings was obtained as a result of raids on Northern Iran and Transcaucasia, as well as due to the fact that they had trade relations with East. It is curious that due to the fact that the landlord of the earth, which was found by Drakkar, requested a huge amount for finding, to settle all the questions and start the restoration of the ship only in 1926. Earlier, "my planet" talked about the most amazing cases of life after death.

In search of Snow White

No, this video is not done at all in Disneyland! To see the famous dance of gnomes, thousands of people go to the island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain). Dance marks once every five years during the patrons (dedicated to the Chief Holy. – approx. Red.) Holidays. 24 men who are destined in the same tunica sing a song (which is changing every time), after which one pass through a special "tower", where they are transformed and turn into merry gnomes in Napoleonic hats. Then the gnomes are dancing under the sounds of specially recorded Canary Polka. Next time the event will be held in 2020. Spaniards with a big trepidation belong to this spectacle, so that the tickets are rejected almost for a year! By the way, the gnomes love not only in Spain, in China there is a whole thematic Park of Liliputov!

What hides the pitcher

Who would have thought that the water lily was a plant, received by a romantic fler, – at the bottom hides this reinforcement! True, not any water lily, but only a tropical, type of Victoria Regia, or Victoria Amazonian. By the way, it is the biggest waterway in the world, it can withstand the weight of a person (and a fragile girl can even be cut on it!).

These plants are among the most ancient blooming plants on Earth. In total, there are about 50 species of water lily in the world, of which only seven can be found in Russia. Grow they prefer where the current is not too strong, and most often arranged in shallow water. Roots are rich in starch, and they are still used for the manufacture of starch flour. From roasted seeds, water lishes prepare a drink to taste reminiscent of coffee. And in Vietnam they are added to the salad.

Mystery "Mona Lisa"

Admire this unusual copy of the "Mona Lisa", drawn in the style of Dudle – intuitive drawing. The name of this artistic direction – doodling – translates as "doodle". However, with their help you can create a real work of art! The beauty of Joconda has already inspired artists for many years, the canvas was repeatedly quoted and interpreted in different way in the twentieth and XXI centuries. Casimir Malevich became one of the first, who in 1914 created a "composition with mono liza". Dadist Marseille Dushan in 1919 painted Jokonde Mustache, Salvador Dali in 1964 created a self-portrait in the image of Mona Lisa. Dzhokonda wrote Tolstoy, in a male suit and a hat, with a grenade launcher (this is the merit of the street artist Banksy). There was even a film "Life of Mona Lisa in Instagram". And can only be assumed in what other images it will appear in the future.

By the way, the name "Mona Lisa" appeared as a result of writing errors. In Italian "Mona" – a reduction from Madonna, which means "Madam". Who is depicted on the canvas, it is not known for certain, but it is believed that it was a noble Florentine Lisa Gerardini. Scientists recently stated that they found her remains. It is curious that the canvas does not have insurance: it is considered invaluable and simply can not be insured. Meanwhile, in 1911, Jocondu was stolen, and there was Pablo Picasso’s suspects then. About other thefts of great works of art, read in the material "My Planet".

Finds of the week 34

I’m watching you

Guess what it is for the blue dots on the photos of the sea scallop? This is his eyes, and in the animal they are already 100 pieces (read the article "My Planet" about how the animals see the world)! Moreover, they are arranged quite unusual. Scientists frozen the eyes of mollusks and thoroughly considered them under the microscope. It turned out that each of them hides a concave mirror working on the principle of a telescope. Sea scallops are considered inactive inhabitants of the seabed, they are reluctant, by opening and closing the shell. Usually mollusks drive to the surface of the rocks or bury in il to hide from predators. Scallops are considered a delicacy, in the food they were used in the time of the Roman Empire. Previously, "My Planet" placed material about the underwater world and its inhabitants, and also talked about the five most important inventions of the great explorer of the depths of Jacqua-Iva Costo.

Child sunset

As we know from the classic Soviet film "Hello, I am your aunt!", In Brazil" Multi-Many Wild Monkeys ". And there is a lot of flamingos, and they will easily hypnotize anyone with their synchronous movements. In general, the birthplace of these pink birds is North and South America, Asia and Africa. Archaeological finds show that the flamingos had previously met for much large territories, including Europe and Australia. In general, this is a very ancient view of animals, their ancestors lived on the planet 30 million years ago. Flamingo’s branded pink color is obtained from food, which eat: they feed on algae and shrimps, which contain carotenoids and during digestion turn into red pigments.

Flamingo – Very social birds and most often live in large groups. In East Africa, they are generally grouped into gigantic flocks over 1 million individuals, thus forming the largest accumulations of birds on the planet. By the way, scientists recently found out why Flamingo is standing on one leg. Look also at the film about how the flamingos are careful in the San Diego Zoo.

Finds of the week 34

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