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Admire how the pineapple blooms! This perennial plant may depend on the variety to reach 1.5 m in height. The first year after landing, pineapple is actively growing and will come back with dozens of close woven leaves. For the second year, he produces inflorescence from the tops with many colors. Each of them develops a berry. They grow, poured with juice and, washing, form in the aggregate that the fruit that we are accustomed, actually calling by pineapple. There are immature pineapples dangerous to health: their juice burns lips and has a strong laxative effect. But the juice of mature fruits, on the contrary, has an unusual useful property – it helps to get rid of dick during traveling on water or flight. Read also material about how different products grow, and go through our test to test your knowledge.

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Finds of the week 33

Famous breeder from Asia and Instagram-blogger under the Nick SiamthailandDog grows Puppies of Alaskan Malamute to truly giant sizes. In general, this breed refers to the number of the oldest and was brought by the Eskimo tribe Malemute, from where it received its name (read also about the unusual traditions of Eskimos). The breed has two main lines that differ in the sizes. Line M’Lut larger than the line of the Koceb. Breeders around the world are buried fiercely, malamuts which breed is considered "real".

Alaskan Malamuts almost never. They originate from the wolf and prefer grumble. And they love very much. dig and in a short time can dug an impressive pit. This unusual feature is associated with the fact that in nature Malamuts mined food, digging out of rodents from the ground.

Finds of the week 33

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