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In 1958-1959, American pilots John Cook and Bob Timm spent two months in the air without landing. They rose into the sky with one of California airfields on the Cessna 172 plane. At the same time, when the pilots flew over the car, the wheels of their aircraft were marked by a special white paint, in case of which they are in secret landings for repair or rest. Sleeping men in turn, in addition, the aircraft was equipped with autopilot. Food to the pilots were transferred from a truck, and refuel from a specially equipped car. Once, Cook with Timm is accidentally raised for a couple of hours – and almost flew into Mexico. In total, the brave spent in the air of 64 days 22 hours 19 minutes and five seconds. The plane-record holder was then sold by Canadian pilot, but later returned to the States, and now it can be seen at McCaran International Airport. Previously, "My Planet" published an interview with a pilot woman and placed tips for travelers on long flights.

Crumb Wombat

Finds of the week 31

Admire this baby Vombata. He is only 30 weeks old, and most of the time he spends in her mother’s bag. Yes, yes, you knew that the homes – the short? They only live on the territory of Australia, where these cute animals are guarded. October 22, even celebrated Vombata Day. Australians wear t-shirts with his image, bake cookies in the shape of Vombata and attend zoos.

By the way, the womb – the most economical water consumption among mammals after a camel. On the day they are enough only 22 ml per kilogram of the body. And they also have very slow metabolism, and they digest up to two weeks (and then cubes cubes)! And still female wombats have a habit of biting their elects per ass in the period of the greatest fertility. Scientists are confident that knowledge of this fact will help increase the number of these animals in captivity.

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