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List Falls Many consider the most romantic time of the year. You can penetrate the appropriate mood, looking at this short video from the drone created by the American Justin McFareland. Among the red, pink and yellow foliage is distinguished by the greens of evergreen plants. By the way, do you know why the leaves are blushing? Answer and some more curious facts about autumn – here. It is curious that the state of Utah is located (it is he who is captured in the video) between the 37th and 42th latles, it corresponds to the our cities of Belgorod and Rostov-on-Don, where the nature is steppe, and the forests are rare. What the autumn looks like in a variety of corners of the globe, you will see, looking at our thematic selection. And in this material showing seasonality cards created by scientists based on photographs from space. They can see how our planet changes winter outfit on green summer.

The newest, the largest

It is difficult to believe, but this monumental device in 1900 was the most modern camera of the century. With its help photographed. Trains. In 1899, Chicago & Alton Railway introduced a new train – Alton Limited. He was noted for "uniform and symmetrical design" and seemed worthy of being imprinted in the photo entirely. Photographer of the company George R. Lawrence initially believed that the only way to achieve a good result is to photograph the composition in parts and "sew" them together during printing. However, the method gave a distorted perspective, and therefore it was decided to try to use one plate for a photo. True, it was still necessary to create. Equally as a camera.

In order to obtain the desired photograph of eight-foot long (2.44 m), LouurenSa required a plate three times of large sizes than the maximum of existing. It took two and a half months to design and build the world’s largest camera. It was made in Chicago and weighed 1400 pounds (635 kg). Chamber delivery to the place was a separate adventure. She was disassembled and brought with all sorts of precautions. 15 workers were involved for assembly.

The result was worth: the photos of the "most beautiful train in the world" were exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris, and Lawrence, as the author of the biggest photo in the world, won the Grand Prix.

Photos were preceded by daggerotypes. According to the link – one of the first pictures, made almost 200 years ago by order of Noel-Marie Peimal Lurabura, the owner of the firm of high-precision optical instruments. On St. Mark’s Square in Venice – the first pigeons, the Pisa Tower already falls, on the Moscow River swim by boats, Athenian Acropolis looks more destroyed than now. What changes occurred in the world over the years, and what remained as it was?

Oda Cukurue

Do you know that corn, she is Mais, was anchored about 10,000 – 12,000 years ago on the territory of modern Mexico? The first corn cobs were about ten times less than in modern varieties, and did not exceed 3-4 cm long. Taking into account such sizes, the version that the Slavic word of corn comes from the Romanian Cucuruz, that is, the "fir bump" seems to be quite likely. The hypothesis of origin from the word kukuru is deserved and the poultry has been told when feeding grains. And the word "maize", which the Europeans enjoyed, came to us from Spanish, where it fell as borrowing from the Indian language Tainino (Haiti).

Finds of the week 30

Corn for mesoamerics is our wheat. Olmek culture, Maya, Aztecs and others could not appear and develop if they were not cultivated corn. The grains were used in food, and from dried stems, corn made fences and even housing. Dry core cores, as well as the wrapper used as corks, plus went to the manufacture of graters for separating the grains from the cobs. From the wrapper in Colombia did balls. From the rods were made earlier and still make smoking pipes. In 2014, corn became the object of cultural heritage of Costa Rica.

The first acquaintance of our ancestors with corn occurred during the our-Turkish war 1768-1774, when Russia took possession of Crimea. Corn in Russia at first was called Turkish wheat. As a result of the completion of the our-Turkish war of 1806-1812, Bessarabia was returned to the Bucharest peace treaty of Russia, where corn was cultivated everywhere.

But most of all glorified (or weakened?) Queen of the fields of the Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev. The idea was good – Nikita Sergeevich wanted to solve two problems of the Soviet Agroprom: the lack of grain and deficiency of animal feed. Corn flooded the fields, but the crops due to the unsuitable climate were much lower than the expected. By the mid-1960s, sowing began to shrink, the campaign was rolled out, the folklore on the topic remained: "Nikita Sergeevich, and my dad says that you are not only a satellite, but agriculture launched. – Tell your dad that I am not only sazing corn ". In general, corn is the second after wheat for selling grain crop in the world. In exports lead US.


Perhaps primates are even closer to people than we thought. Look, like this chimpanzee female playing with a young. At first she throws up and shakes him, as if he was playing the game "Airplane", and then he lowered to his chest and gently hugs. Chimpanzee is able to compare, and they even have their own ritual of burial. They understand some gestures of people, moreover, use them themselves, so, if you want to greet the chimpanzee, just put out your hand. Scientists believe that evolving our younger fellows helped. trips. By the way, human DNA and chimpanzee DNA are 98%. It says about many.

Finds of the week 30

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