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Usually, the bloom of Sakura is associated with Japan, but in fact in China Cherry also flowers everywhere since the beginning of March. And it is incredibly beautiful. The country turns into a solid carpet of colors, which disappears only closer to May.

Tourists and residents of the country at this time flock in a variety of parks and reserves. For example, in the Zoo in Kunmin (Yunnan Province), the 19th Flowering Festival Sakura began on March 7 and will last until April 7. During this time, about 5,000 trees will flash.

Previously, "My Planet" published a photo project about Blossoming Sakura (O-Khana) in Japan.

This is my prey!

This boav definitely cannot complain to a bad appetite – how quickly and deftly he swallowed his prey! The skull of these reptiles has a unique structure. Thanks to the movable connection of the front part bones and the elastic articulation of the bones of the lower jaw, the Break can collect major prey.

Cases are known when the blows swallowed the entirely antelope, calves, large sheep and even crocodiles. True, communication with the latter does not always end for the boys well – the crocodiles often tear the snake and get outward.

But the removes held at home, with victims lucky – most often snake swallow home cats and birds. The case was recorded when the Break took place with a heated electric blanket.

To learn about why snakes are so long, as well as which of them are considered the most powerful, in the materials "My Planet".

Beauty requires sacrifice

This strange device invented Max factor (the one that founded the Max Factor cosmetic company) in 1930. It was called the "beauty calibrator" and was intended to accurately measure the parameters of the person for subsequent accurate makeup application. "It is immediately clear that this unit has invented a man," women said during the discussion on the Internet.

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Meanwhile, the max factor really changed the beauty industry. For example, he is obliged to appear fashion on platinum blondes: a beautician repainted hair actress Jin Harlow in a bright shade, after which thousands of women began to imitate. In addition, it is Max factor that came up with waterproof cosmetics.

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Before what the technique has reached

So the automatic table for playing Mahjong, popular in Asian desktop games. The device automatically mixes the chips and exposes them to the starting position.

There are many myths about the origin of the game. One of them states that Mahjong came up with Confucius about 500 BC. NS. According to this concept, the game spread in different parts of China through philosopher’s journey. On another legend, Mahjong came up with a Chinese fisherman named Dze to distract other fishermen from sea disease, which prevented fishing in the open sea.

In fact, the age of Mahjong does not exceed one and a half centuries, and, most likely, he appeared in one of the provinces around the cities of Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Ningbo.

Finds of the week 3

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