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Admire what picture I appeared to the eyes of a tourist who decided to spend the night in the forest in Charlotte County in Florida, USA (read also about seven other terrible forests on Earth). Wake up in the morning and discover that everything around the tent is literally graduated by Missisy Alligators. How bloggers joked on the Internet: "But not to be afraid of bears"! But in fact, a big question of who is worth more to fear, being in Florida, – alligators or black bears. Both those and others are dangerous predators that are attacked by people from time to time (and alligators sometimes eat even with conid!).

By the way, the population of alligators in Florida is very numerous – according to the most modest calculations, about a million reptiles live in the state in the state. At the same time, the Missisypian Alligator is the official state reptile (!) Already three US states: In addition to Florida, it is respected and revered in Louisiana and Mississippi.

You need more senbernar!

Finds of the week 26

A moment of milot in memory of the winter who left us. Who is who, and the fluffy senbernar fluffy is definitely not afraid of snow and brave jumps on the snowdrifts! By the way, you know that in French Saintberrian is called Chien Du Saint-Bernard, or "St. Bernard’s Dog"? This name happened from the relevant monastery located in the Swiss Alps. In the distant XI century, the monk named Bernard founded at a height of over 2400 m for travelers. Then it was one of the most highly located settlements of Europe. And very dangerous – due to robbers who waited wanderers, heavy mountainous transitions, avalanche and strong winds (learn what advice were given by several centuries later people who decided to go on a journey).

And in the XVII monks decided to use dogs of a special local breed to save people from avalanche. These dogs had a thick skin and were not at all afraid of the cold, and was also famous for the very thin scent, which allowed them to find people buried under the snow. It is curious that small barrels with brandy were attached to the collars of dogs – according to legend, it was intended to ensure that people found by Senbernar could warm up before the arrival of help. Look also video about rescuers dogs.

Finds of the week 26

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