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Sculptor from Canada Debra Belli creates amazing creatures from ordinary wood, which shears on the shore. In her hands, squigs turn into long-haired forest spirits. Bernier works with each piece of wood individually and comes up with a sculpture, based on the initial forms of Koryagi. "This material dictates its own rules," tells Debra. – I do not start with pure sheet. Each snag is already in itself sculpture created by worries waves and wind. They have their own history, and I’m just trying to tell her when I take it into my hands. In fact, I’m just a little changing the shape of a piece of wood, so that it has become familiar to us anthropomorphic forms ".

She appealed to ice

Water in the desert turns into ice right before our eyes? How is this possible? At the same time, the water is completely ordinary, and the desert is quite earthly. The fact is that the bottle contains distilled water (that is, water without dissolved salts), frozen alone. At a minus temperature it can be liquid, but if you shake it, quickly turns into ice. How the authors of the video managed to freeze the bottle? Probably in their car was the freezer. Impressive is not true? Previously, "My Planet" published a large photo project dedicated to water.


A moment of milot. Just admire this baby! By the way, you know how giraffes appear? Pregnancy in females of this species lasts 14-15 months, but they give birth, as a rule, just one young. At the same time in the process of childbirth kid (weighing 50-60 kg!) falls from a two-meter height, because the mother does not fall on the ground, but give birth to standing. Literally an hour after the birth of a cub giraffe start walking. By the way, parents often arrange a kind of "kindergarten" for their kids – one female remains with children, while the other group go to get food. By the way, co-upbringing is not uncommon, elephants practiced, penguins. Look also touch the touching video about how little giraffe is measured.

Who eat here?

Finds of the week 25

Do not show this video to your children, otherwise you will not be able to make them use cutlery. They will eat hands, just like this cute otter. Yes, yes, it happens that they are breeding them as pets – most often these are people living in country houses. Fluffy animals are vital to the pool to frolic in it all day. By the way, the references to the tamed wizards are often found in the medieval historical chronicles of Northern Europe. So they grown them not only for the sake of valuable fur. Official name received the species in 1758. The otter belongs to mammal predators from the Kunih family. "My Planet" told about other unusual pets pets.

On horseback

Here’s how I cleaned the streets in New York in the distant 1905. We can say that this wagon on horse rod (pass is also our horses test) – the great-grandmother of the current watering machines. By the way, even then, in the city, in addition to the guys and traditional cable trams, there were tourist buses and taxis worked on electricity. Interestingly, the first taxis in New York was precisely electric vehicles. And in general, at the beginning of the last century most of the cars worked on electricity, and not at all on gasoline. Not knowing why the Americans shouted ecology! Read also about 10 unusual passenger routes of modernity: flying ferries, underground trams and riding roads.

Finds of the week 25

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