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The famous Hollywood Sign, located on the southern slope of the Mount Lee hill and became the symbol of the dream factory, was created as an advertisement in 1923. Initially, the word Hollywoodland was written on it. The sign was called up to advertise new residential areas on the hills above the Hollywood district in Los Angeles. It was originally planned that he would justify only a year and a half.

The sign began to associate with Hollywood only after the actress Peg Entouisl committed suicide in September 1932, jumping from the letter H in protest against his unresolved career.

Official support for the sign ceased in 1939, and he began to quickly collapse. In 1949, the Chamber of Commerce Hollywood, together with the Department of Los Angeles Parks restored him. At the same time, following the contract, the word "Land" in the sign was removed. After that, in 1978, the symbol was replaced with a new one, and the last update – complete repainting of letters – was produced in 2005.

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Man-spider and never dreamed

These Vietnamese police will give odds to popular superhero! Climb the third floor on the sheer wall – adequately admiration.

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And the ship is lying

That’s all that remained from the German ship’s "Eduard Holy", which raised on September 5, 1909 on the shores of skeletons in Namibia. He fulfilled a flight from Swakopmund to the dining room. On board was equipment for diamond fields. In the area of ​​the Bay of Concepsed-Bay, the ship fell into a dense fog and got stranded.

All 30 people who were on board the ship, got to the shore. And around the ship for the next ten days, so much sand was accumulated, which during the low tide to Eduard sick and it was possible to walk on foot. Until now, the custody of the vessel is sad in the middle of the desert Namib in a semi-kilometer from the ocean, since as a result of the winds of the winds, the coastline is moving to the West. Tourists can visit this area, but this will require a special permission from the authorities.

Previously, "My Planet" told about the cemeteries of the dead ships, as well as about the mysterious Ghost City of Kolmanskop, located in the south of Namibia.

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