Finds of the week

Chupa Chups and braces in the mouth, tan with footsteps of a swimsuit – as girls of the Renaissance would look in our world, tried to portray in their works Spanish artist and sculptor Gerard Mas. Masters have a great sense of humor and attention to the details of modern reality.

Original way to attract tourists

Residents of the Japanese village of Inakadat attract tourists, creating amazingly beautiful paintings from Risa Paddy. Plots for live paintings that have grown on the field for three months have been drawn from Japanese folklore.

To create such unusual landscapes, the efforts of many were required: designers created plots on a computer, and agronomists thought out which rice varieties need to be planted to achieve the necessary color combinations.

Date of week

On January 12, 1967, a person was crying for the first time, a professor of psychology James Bedford became. Suffering kidney cancer, he responded to the call of scientists and became the first volunteer at the Niva crying. On the development of a new field of science, he bequeathed $ 100,000, but only in the first six years, storage and transportation of the body have already cost two and a half times more. Nevertheless, now Bedford’s body continues to be in the same condition as in 1967, and the temperature has never been raised above -70 ° C.

Now freezing yourself for the sake of science or life in another, no one is no longer surprised. The fact that the living is done with the dead, read in our material "Postal Adventures".

It is noteworthy that on the same day, only in 1998 the Protocol was signed on the ban of human cloning. Now, 20 years later, a person is still not cloned, but animals – at least debund. Do you know, for example, that cloned huskies are carrying in the Far East?

And which minimum temperature can withstand? Read the answer in our material.

Anti-frequency solution

Finds of the week 23

In San Francisco – as in the Moscow metro, where the direction of movement of escalators is constantly changing, depending on the passenger traffic, blocks dividing the oncoming flows on the Golden Gate bridge. Surprisingly promptly, straight and fascinatingly special machine wimels with these grave pieces of concrete.

How to work in India

Artemy Lebedev is not only a well-known designer and a popular blogger, but also a traveler who visited all countries of the world. On his freshly created YouTube Channel has already begun to appear interesting videos from trips. Here, for example, what are binding work in India.

Snowman giant

In the photo of the 1966-1971 period, the corner of the secret Soviet city of Penza-19 is captured, he also zarechny. It is a closed administrative and territorial education and today is discouraged by a three-meter concrete wall, at the top of which barbed wire is beaten. But inside the perimeter, in which everyone has a pass with a photo, there is a normal life, and the same as the whole country, snowing snow in winter, and the children make snowmen. Sometimes not without adults and such huge.

Finds of the week 23

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