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The other day in the city of Uppsala (Sweden), located 70 km from Stockholm, flooded Railway Station. In the country for a long time kept drought, however, on the weekend, shower struck the territory. As a result, the station flooded – the water level on average reached the knee level. However, the resourceful Swedes were not upset – they came to the station with inflatable circles, wrappers, flippers and water guns and organized a real water park (by the way, with the list of the most impressive water parks in the world can be found here). Of course, because of what happened timetable, the movement of trains was greatly shifted. In addition, public utilities of the city were not immediately able to decide who to pump water – the municipality, railway workers or the Ministry of Transport. As a result, in the evening of July 29, the liquid was given to the forces of municipal services. But the Swedes would certainly be not against swimming a couple more days! Earlier, "my planet" published 12 facts about cities that will go under water.


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Have you ever wondered what other birds, except for owls, can turn the head 180 ° and more in one direction? Answer: Almost all! However, most often in birds there is no such need. The fact is that their eyes are located on both sides of the head, so the review of them and so circular (which is why it is so difficult in the park to catch a dove or duck – they all see and die!). But the eyes of the eyes are on the front of the head, just like people. At the same time, the birds can not move, so they adapted to spin almost 360 ° (earlier "my planet" placed a whole photo project about owls). If we talk about other animals that are able to turn your head so much, then you can not mention the Bogomol and Filipino long. Mantis, by the way, in general, the only insect capable of similar focuses. More specia about how the animals see the world – in the article "Our World "Not ours" Eyes ».

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