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This magnificent natural phenomenon was shot on the island of Senya in Norway. Here is a special observatory for monitoring the northern shine. To see Aurora Borealis on the session from September to mid-April.

The island itself is considered the second largest in Norway, and a total of almost 50,000 islands in the country enters the country! 125 km² of the territory of the Seny is occupied by the Ortherdalen National Park, which was created to protect unique local forests. Some pines growing here, about 500 years.

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Call you on the carpet

American confectioner Alan Jones Mann began to practice pastries in 2013 and quickly found his unique style. Among other desserts, it creates edible masterpieces that are incredibly similar. on carpets. After a piece of such a cake, you may be remembered whether to step on the carpet in the living room!

American dream

So Los Angeles looked at the beginning of the 50s of the last century: Empty highway, almost no traffic jams, the city center is boils with life. And you can also see the first major shopping centers.

Interestingly, Los Angeles did not always wore such a short and harmonious name. In times of Spanish domination, he was named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Ángeles Sobre El Río Porciúncula (City of Our Lady of Queen Angels). The inhabitants of the city to this day are called Angelenos.

Previously, "My Planet" placed a video about the city of Angels.

Lost elephant

This rock on the island of Hayimay, which is part of the Westman Islands in Iceland, was not in vain called elephant – the figure of an elephant is clearly traced in the stone outlines. Unusual rock formation naturally arose. Scientists suggest that the cause could be the volcanic cone Elffel, which appeared on the island in 1973 and is regularly erupted. Apparently, during one of the eruptions and the cliff arose so bizarre.

Hayimay, by the way, is the largest island in Iceland, occupying area 13.47 km². At the same time, it also the most densely populated – 4500 people live here.

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And I can also on the guitar

Finds of the week 21

You knew that the famous violin master Antonio Stradivari did more and guitars? For his life, Stradivari created more than 1,100 tools (of course, not without the help of two of his sons, Omobono and Francesco), of which 960 – violins. 650 of them have survived, and at many you still have to play. But the Stradivari guitars around the world are only five, and only one of them is suitable for the game, Sabionari.

Master created this guitar in 1679. Now Sabionari is located in a private collection, master Lorenzo Finignani will be watching the tool condition. And yes, the guitar play – she sounds very effectively.

Earlier, "my planet" talked about how the authentic Spanish guitars do and how they sound.


Scorpions have one unusual property – all of them are glowing in ultraviolet bright blue-green light. This is due to the fact that these arthropods on the cuticle have a thin layer of organic matter called Halin. Interestingly, when Scorpio is leaning, its shell temporarily loses the ability to. But when the young cuticle crept and hardens, she starts glowing again.

Scientists are still arguing about the reason for this phenomenon. According to one version, it helps segmental better to hunt, on the other – the glow is the component of the marriage games of scorpions.

Earlier, the Internet user removed the battle between scorpion and spider.

In this video you can see seven ancient great buildings that have not reached our days. Moreover, the video demonstrates how their restoration of the ruins occurred. Among the buildings that were lucky to "rebel from the ash", albeit only virtually, – the pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, Parfenon in Athens, the Temple of Jupiter in Pompeium, Val Adriana in the UK and others.

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