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Australian Ray Collins turned his love for the sea in his profession. For many years, he photographs waves. The first camera Collins bought in 2007 and left the job at the coal mine to devote life photos. "Floating in salted water with a camera, I feel at home anymore than anywhere on earth," he says. It is curious that Collins – Daltonik, that is, does not distinguish part of the colors. However, this feature does not prevent him from imprinting the monumental beauty of the ocean and the rapid power of the waves. However, waves can be not only beautiful, but also very dangerous, and swimming in a shallow water about it is often not even suspected. About whether there is a difference on what beach is resting and what to do if a sudden wave drags you into the sea, – in the instructions "My Planet" "I cannot be dried out".

Racing on Ostrich

On this rare video captured the race on ostriches, which was held on September 14, 1933 in Beverway (Netherlands). Such competitions are now held in the USA, Australia and South Africa. In Europe, such events have been prohibited. African ostrises are considered the largest of all now living birds. Adult special can reach 270 cm in height and weigh up to 175 kg. Flying ostrices do not know how to run canceled. They can develop speed up to 70 km / h. However, when they have to carry a rider (whose weight is approximately half of the poultry weight), the speed is reduced to 40 km / h. For tortured ride on bars, special ostrich saddles and harness are used. Manage ostrich approximately as a horse, but it is much more difficult to do this (moreover, the ostriches are also drachers). Zochai on their birds usually overcome a distance of 400 m. The largest ostrich races are held in America in America: in Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, Prairie Miduse, Iowa and Kentucky. Previously, "My Planet" told about where a tourist can ride on Yaki, Ostrichs, Dolphins and other exotic animals.

Then and now

See how few large cities looked in the past and how they look now. Change variage, is not true? Especially impressive changes occurred in Asian and Arab cities: Singapore, Shanghai and, of course, Dubai.



Los Angeles


About the latter want to tell separately. 7000 years ago, the territory of modern Dubai was a mangrove swamp. Thousands of years here have been manufactured with pearls (where the pearls are taken from, you can learn in the material "My Planet") and fish fishing. However, when in Japan in 1929, an artificial pearls invented, local sheikh had to look for alternative sources of income. Then he made Dubai one of the main reescript centers in the world. In 1966, in the city found oil deposits. This contributed even more rapid development of the metropolis. Previously, "My Planet" published material about the sights of Dubai.

Not on those attacked

In this roller you can see how unlucky fox tried to attack the ducks, but defeated. However, actually foxes – very curious and smart animals. Many of them adore to play with the ball. The fox has very thin rumors and smell, they are able to smooth and hear the mouse under the meter layer of snow or up to 100 m. These animals are capable of a whole night long to run without stopping. And they can pronounce about 40 different sounds (listen, how the "foxes are speech" sounds here). There is a special domesticated breed of foxes, it was taken out in the USSR in the 1960s. "My Planet" talked about a person who keeps such an animal at home.

Finds of the week 20

The eternal City

Rome is a very big city. The real boundaries of the metropolis, yellow – zone, from which 70% of tourists are not selected, and green, where the remaining 30% of the most curious travelers do. In addition, Rome is the largest agricultural administrative unit in all of Italy. Romatic saying "All roads lead to Rome" appeared in ancient times, when the Roman Empire actively expanded its possessions by conquest. To hold new territories, the Romans were forced to build new quality roads, thanks to which military units could quickly get to the barbarous provinces in the event of rebellion. Thus, this expression had a literal meaning, because all the roads built by the Romans were conducted in the eternal city (by the way, recently scientists have proven the truthfulness of this saying). Check if you will realize the other Latin sayings by passing the test "My Planet".

And he threw the nem

Admire how a skillful Japanese fisherman spreads his network. She literally swept into the air and rolls the large area. It only looks like. In fact, in order to ride the nem to correctly, you need an honorable technique and many years of practice (read also an article about the rules of life of Pomeranian fisherman). If the network radius is greater than the growth of the fisherman (as in this case), the task becomes more complicated. But in Japan there are many masters of this case, because for residents of the country, fishing has long been one of the fundamental fishers. In agriculture here, especially nowhere: the territory of the country is very modest, and the land does not differ fertility. In addition, the sea here never freezes, so the fishing season lasts year-round. About what cannot be done in Japan, read in the material "My Planet".

Flying mul

No, in the photo is not a minion of the Count Dracula, but an African hammer-headed koplan, or Molloglab (Lat. HYPSIGNATHUS MONSTROSUS). This is the biggest and, beyond doubt, the most strange bat in Africa (admire the beauty of this hot continent in the photo project "My Planet"). Hallorals can reach an impressive size – the scope of the wings of an adult male can reach almost a meter! They are covered with a short dark gray wool with a bright "collar" on the shoulders, membranes on the wings are painted in brown. The main signs that distinguish the males-hammers from females, and from most other bats, is a disproportionately big head and an elongated face. Most of the wings love to eat juicy fruits, bananas, mango, guaquic and figs. For these goodies, the gourmet mice are ready to fly to 10 km per night. Not so long ago, scientists found out what the wings are talking about.

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