Finds of the week

On the outskirts of Yekaterinburg in the apartment of an abandoned house broke the pipe. The news would have sounded rather sad if it were not for the amazing beauty of the frost, which was formed as a result and was captured by photographer Anastasia Popelsk.

Floating Flutter

Interesting fact: Representatives of the manochable, being in the water, can swim quite well.

Snowmen of the hundredth level

Russia (Moscow so exactly) poured snow. You already blind snowman? And how the Japanese can?

Hell Carousel

Our grandmothers and grandpays have fun not worse than us. In the photo – Rotary carousel, first presented as an attraction at Oktoberfest 1949. The design is unwinding to 33 revolutions per minute – and inside just sticks to the wall. To strengthen the effect under the legs of lovers to rinse the nerves, the floor was removed.

Solar Eclipse from the aircraft

The author was lucky enough to see and fall out full solar eclipse – as it can be seen from the cabin of the aircraft.

Finds of the week 2

Interesting fact

On the Internet this week walked incorrect comparison of Pluto and Russia. Alas, according to the updated NASA data, our country is still slightly inferior in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis dwarf planet. But still the figures are striking and make a new look at the already famous facts.

Catics Foreva

Catals ruled the world before the Nativity of Christ. They left their traces to descendants in a variety of epochs. Here are traces of cheetah on the brick of the lunar zikcurate of the ancient city of UR (2112-2004 BC. NS.).

But the paws of the domestic cat in the medieval manuscript. Ink prints in July 2011 discovered the teacher and researcher at the University of Sarayeva Emir about. Filippovich.

Finds of the week 2

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