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Thus looked at fire exercises held at the Krakow National Museum in 1910. On the wall – the picture of the artist Jan Matesyko "Penglish Dan", written in 1882. On the canvase is shown as the first Duke of Prussia Albrecht Hohenzollerne on his knees brings a vassal oath to the Polish king of Sigismund old.

Earlier, "my planet" talked about how the Christmas tree contest is held in Krakow.

Marine Firework

Deepive Medusa Halitrephes Maasi meets only in Mexico, in the waters on the Archipelago of Revilia-Hihedo. She lives at a depth of about 1.5 km, and usually her beauty is hidden from prying eyes. However, if it is highlighted, the jellyfish begins to move different colors and resembles a small firework. By the way, the body of these maritime residents is 98% consists of water. They have 24 eyes and multiply divide. They have no brain, but there are two nervous systems. Some types of jellyfish can live at a depth of 10 km.

What to do if you were stung by jellyfish, you can find out in the article "My Planet". And even admire the rare "cosmic medus" and amazing jellyfish inhabiting in the Mariana Wpadin.

In ice captivity

This snapshot made Italian Stefano Poly, the owner of the tourist company Poli Arctic in Longyire (Svalbard, Norway). "I was interested in what happened to this bus – he looked as if he was poured by water," Poly explained. And he was completely right. Previously, the bus was used to dismiss people at St. Pea, but afterwards he was written off. Then the application found local firefighters. They have adapted the bus for exercise training. Accordingly, the transport is regularly watered with water, which is why it is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Finds of the week 19

Consider the beauty of Spitsbengen closer on the panorama of Airpano.

Who wants burger?

Photographer Dan Wolf during a trip to China fell as a dog advertises a establishment selling burgers in the city of Huangpa. An animal held a poster in the teeth with advertising burger and walked around the pier of there and here, showing it by the passing. And when someone photographed this unusual spectacle, the dog even started to pose!

Animals generally often use for advertising. Some pets bring tens of thousands of dollars.

Finds of the week 19

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