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Photo was made in Pakistan in 1983. So the fearless conductors on the local railway passed tea for breakfast from one car to another. Earlier, "my planet" talked about the longest routes on trains. And in this photo project we showed how residents of Bangladesh move on trains.

Dog counter

"Master, well, why do you need these skis?"- As if says this dog and all his appearance shows that he does not intend to escape on their own. Meanwhile, there is a discipline in the ride sports, which is called Ski Sprint. In it, the skier moves at a free style distance, being tied to one or two dogs with a special cord. Most often in rising sports, husky, husky or malamuts are used.

Earlier, "my planet" talked about riding in husky.

The Rooks Have Arrived

Brave Soviet women cut trees on the Lenin Mountains. This snapshot was made in 1960 by one of the most famous Soviet and our photojournalists Viktor Akhlomov. Ahlomov – owner of a variety of national and international awards, including four World Press Photo Prizes. More than half a century, he worked in Izvestia.

Finds of the week 18

Read also about what impressions of the Visit of the Soviet Union remained from the British.

The invasion of butterflies

Every year, hundreds of millions of butterflies of the type of monarch fly from the USA and Canada to the Forest Michoacan in Mexico and overcome more than 3000 km. This phenomenon is known as the most mass migration of insects in the world. At the same time, scientists still do not understand how butterfly succeeds, but they assume that, like birds, they are focused on the magnetic fields of the Earth and the Heavenly Navigation.

In Mexico, butterflies are covered with a carpet All around: Earth, trees and bushes. Especially impressively the forest looks in February and March, just before the insects begin their way home. At this time, the sound of millions of wings merges into a loud roar, which is spread over the forest and far beyond its limits. However, in Russia we can see travelers from far abroad – read our material about migratory butterflies-reict. You can see them in every garden. In addition, "My Planet" wrote about the migration of flamingos, turtles, zebras and other animals.

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