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This unusual attraction is called 3D Zootrop. It comes from devices that appeared in China around 180. NS. The modern zootrope was invented by the British mathematician William George Gornom in 1833. Gorner called his creation by the "Dedaleum" or "Devil Wheel".

The design of the zootreop is based on the ability of the retina of the human eye to maintain images of the so-called persistence. In the first attractions of this kind, there was a rotating cylinder, inside which images were placed in a circle. Due to thin slots in the cylinder, the staff could be seen only a fraction of a second, and as the drum was rotated, they were in the cyclical animation.

Modern zootopers work along a similar principle, only instead of two-dimensional pictures are used by 3D models, and instead of a slot – the outbreaks of the strobe. After the carousel is spinning and turns on a strobe, the feeling is created that the figures move, although in fact they remain fixed.

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This photo series was made by the famous photographer and film producer Philip Engelhorn in Qingdao (China). On local beaches there is an unusual fashion – young Chinese worn protective masks for face. They are called Facey and are designed to protect the carrier from the destructive effects of the Sun.

Fayskini was invented in 2004 by Chinese Zhang Chiffanem, the owner of the beach-clothes shop in Qingdao. Since then, the popularity of protective masks from year to year only grows, they can be seen in Chinese glossy magazines. Also Facey Supports Foundation for Combating Skin Cancer.

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Admire these little chameleons! These lizards are able to change the color due to special branched cells – chromatophoras containing grains of pigments of black, dark brown, yellow and reddish colors. Chameleons change the color depending on the external stimuli – temperature, humidity and light, as well as changes in their own state: when hunger, fright, thirst, anxiety, and t. D. In addition, color change helps lizards communicate with other individuals of their kind. In a dream, chameleons cannot control the color of their skin, pale and become noticeable for predators.

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Writer Maxim Solokhin in his LJ offers a wonderful way to easily learn an unfamiliar alphabet. The way is simple and very elegant: you need to replace the most common letters in a well-known text and read. Gradually you get used to new characters.

"It is easiest to show on the example. Take the Georgian alphabet. Why it is Georgian? Well, just because he is almost nobody familiar. So, let’s say you need to learn the Georgian alphabet, then you just take and read, "Maxim writes on his page.

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Such a strange picture can be observed in the desert of Arizona. Over 200 unused locomotives of Union Pacific are here on long-term storage. Dry desert air helps to keep equipment in good condition.

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Long ago, in one distant galaxy

Do you know where the legendary hairstyle of Princess Lei? For her I need to say thanks to the Mexican revolutionary Clare de la Rach. George Lucas said that while working on the film in 1977, he came across a photo of Mexican with unusual "flyers" on his head and realized that it was such a hairstyle to wear ley.

Finds of the week 17

Clara De La Rocha was the commander of a partisan detachment, which played an important role in the seizure of the city of Culiankan in 1911. In the end she received the title of Colonel. Clara died in 1970, and her descendants are still alive.

West as well as scientists discovered the similarity of the ancient ancestor of spiders with a monster from "Star Wars".

On March 3 of this year, divers plunged under the water near the small Indonesian Island of Nusa-Penida. This place is known among the fans of scuba diving by the fact that you can see the mast – amazing giant skates.

Swimmers filmed a man, and besides them – a variety of plastic bottles, packages, cups, glasses and bags. All this has nailed to the island of the ocean current. The next day, the water was already clean, and the garbage was taken towards the Indian Ocean. But the plastic remained in the water. According to the study of the Dutch project Ocean Cleancup, annually through rivers in the world ocean is made from 1.15 million to 2.4 million tons of plastic waste.

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On Reddit published a photo of an unknown man who was facilitated on the beach of Langkawi Island (Malaysia). The tourist is located on the background of the mountains, surprisingly resembling the outlines of his body. Some site users suggested that the locals can recognize the rest of God because of his resemblance to the mountain.

Practice your imagination, looking at the flowers in the photo project "My Planet". What they look like?

Finds of the week 17

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