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Zoo in Oregon (USA) published on his page on Twitter X-ray pictures of animals living in Zoo. They were made in the local veterinary center. Because of this we can now see in all its glory chameleon, flying fox, mongoose, beaver tail, the toucan’s beak, and more. It looks all at once gothic and fun. Pictures have become so popular among internet users that the zoo staff created a few posts where posted additional photos. X-ray of the animal is usually made, if it is suspected fracture, sprain or bruise; if it is suffering from gastric disorders or arthritis / osteoarthritis; if it is swallowed something wrong; if he has problems with the musculoskeletal system. Previously, "My Planet" published the top 10 zoos in Russia, as well as telling the time when zoos showed. of people.

Monkey Ninja

Blogger under the name spouge04 posted on YouTube humorous video in which he teaches martial arts monkeys. Author of the video accompanied by the following comment: "See how I train my ninja monkeys. In the future, they will help me to take over the world!"If not the world, then at least the attention of Internet users were able to capture exactly. (By the way, look at work also Japanese, which removes cat-ninja.)

Incidentally, the monkeys at various times also managed to teach sign language – in their development, they reach the level of two-three year old child can draw, read, and even play simple computer games! Read more about the amazing abilities of primates.

Vase Art

Gordon Pembridge – one of the world’s most famous wood carvers. It creates a wonderfully detailed vases, which carves and paints completely by hand. Pembridge was born in Kenya and in the early years traveled all over Africa. Now the master lives in New Zealand. The inspiration is the nature of this island for him (and New Zealand is famous not for nothing spectacular views!). Previously, "My Planet" told about the places on the planet where you can learn a particular craft, including wood carving.

Finds of the week 14

My boyfriend seal

minute emotion. This touching tyulenihu name is Yuki, she lives in an aquarium in Osaka (Japan). Yuki – a local celebrity, admire the hundreds of people come to her, and regional cable television even made about her story! Now tyuleniha has also become a star of the Internet: the roller as it rolls onto his well-fed belly, collected thousands of views on Facebook. aquarium staff members told that Yuki’s wonderful appetite, every day she eats about 3 kg of fresh fish. Read also about how Panda pretended to be pregnant to get more bread rolls and fruit.

And the documents you have?

historical curiosity. In 1974, the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II in Egypt, suddenly began to rapidly decompose. To save a historical artifact, it was decided to immediately carry it to France for examination and subsequent restoration. But then science has faced French bureaucracy (immediately to the site will also have a photo project about the bureaucrats). According to French law, any person who enters the territory of the country must be an identity card. Mummies hastily issued passport. Everything is as it should be: number, name, photo. In the column "occupation" wrote: "King (deceased)". In this case, the airport of Paris mummy greeted with military honors, which rely at the visit the head of state. Unfortunately, this ID card image of the king did not survive, but the enthusiastic historians have made an example of how it might look. Previously, "My Planet" told about how all was invented passport.

Finds of the week 14

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