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This snapshot was made in London in 1931. Where on the streets of the English capital so much sheep? Everything is simple – in the 1920-1930 animals often drove herds in London Parks to save on herbs. Sheep simply eaten her, and the classic English lawns always looked well-groomed. The shepherds seriously competed for the right to grab their herds in Hyde Park and Kensington gardens. And they say that this is the Germans – the most practical and economical nation! Earlier, "my planet" published a selection of rare photos of the British capital of the beginning of the 20th century of the authorship of Jack London, and also told about what sheep was released on the streets in the suburbs of Paris.

What do you touch me here?

Admire how a spidest spider-round (it is also called a horned spider) builds its networks. Without roulette and ruler it turns out the perfect web. At the edges of the abdomen of the circle range are six spike horns, giving a small spine, a very threatening appearance. These spiders are distributed in tropical and subtropical belts – in Central America, in the southern part of the United States, in South America, as well as in the Philippines and in Australia. Horned spiders flew in trees and shrubs near the streams and swamps. Interestingly, if the circups live as a small group, then the prey that fell into the web is divided between all, regardless of whose concrete network she got.

Made in China

This selection of rare photos Blogger Flickr Motohakone acquired on the flea market in Cannes (France) in the distant 1982. The pictures were made by a person who knows French (this is understandable from the signatures on the back of the photo) in China (Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing) in October 1921. In the photos can be seen everyday life in a festive one hundred years ago. The popular view of the transport then there were Rickshaw, women were wool on wheeled ribs, the marbles served clients right on the streets, circuschi – acrobats, sword swallows – entertained the public. Previously, "my planet" talked about the main flea markets in the world.

The farm is useful

And you knew that in some regions of Africa, the suburikats are kept as pets? The fact is that these animals feed on the main insects and spiders. A special delicacy for them are scorpions and snakes. Scorpion poison for them is at least dangerous, but not fatal, and to the poisons of most African snakes they have an immunity. Therefore, for catching small rodents, scorpions and snakes and began to keep them in houses. Following Africa, friendly babies began to tame worldwide. However, they are not the only pets that can be called strange. About others "My Planet" wrote in this review.

In the wild, the meerkats live an average of three to six years, in captivity they can live to 14. Animals live in groups to 50 individuals. They can notice their prey at a distance of a kilometer. In the meerkats there are over 30 screaming options, each of which has its own individual value. For example, it can mean convening the entire family or a warning of an air threat.

Above only stars

The highest Iroquoise in the world wears Japanese fashion designer Kadzuhiro Vatanabe. He began to grow him back in 15 years. So the young man wanted to stand out from the crowd. The height of the hairstyle of Vatanabe, with which he came to the Guinness Book of Records, is 1.13 m. Two stylists worked on her. To deliver Iroques vertically, there are three bottles of hair lacquer and one gel can.

Finds of the week 13

In general, this hairstyle, although named by the tribe of the Indians of North America – Iroquois, has no relation to the Indians. The fact is that those did not think to raise a scalp strand into a tall and narrow comb. The first Iroquais began to wear Scottish singer Watti Buchan. In English, by the way, this hairstyle is better known as Mohawk ("Mochok" – so called one of the tribes of the horses) or Mohican ("Mogicanin"). Previously, "My Planet" published a photo project about traditional hairstyles in different countries of the world.

And one potatoes fries

This video was shot on June 10 of this year in Gosford (Australia). The author of the roller says: "My husband and I came to the waterfall and after the walk decided to eat lunch in the car. Suddenly, a pack of chaps landed right on the hood of the car and tried to join us. I threw them a few pieces of Potato Fri, they did not understand that the glass was separated, and they tried to get to them for a long time. By the way, seagulls are cannibals. They may have not only children of other species, but also their own relatives. Often the birds get chicks from a neighboring nest and eat them. So, perhaps, it would be better to get to Potatoes Free!

The small island of Surmites in Iceland is notable for two things. First, he appeared only in 1963, after a large volcanic eruption, which lasts three years. It makes him the youngest island in the world. Secondly, to the land of Surtsey, it is impossible to step by anyone (except scientists who can be counted on the fingers). Now the territory is used for scientific research – they help better understand how ecosystems are formed from the very beginning, without human intervention.

One of the main stories associated with surtsem is spinning around. Tomato. Since the lands of the island are carefully protected from human influence, only one small house is built on it, where several scientists can live at the same time. Before you go to the island, each of the travelers must show all its luggage for inspection. One of the main rules is no case in any case bring the seeds with you. However, some unknown, this law broke and brought with him a tomato. Subsequently, the seeds of the plant sprout right on the lava, putting researchers in a dead end. However, when they understood the origin of Tomato, he was immediately destroyed so that he would not interfere with further research. Read also the material "My Planet" about other notched planet corners.

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