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This photo was made in the USA in 1950. In the picture we can observe the satisfied (but fairly tired) the face of the young man who won in the competition on high-speed feeding of pies. By the way, in the States this type of competition is known for quite a long time, he was one of the traditional entertainment in rural fairs. However, it is precisely as separate competitions that he appeared only in the 1970s. It is at this time at Koni Island in New York, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Festival was held annually, timed to the US Independence Day.

The essence of the competition in high-speed eating food is very simple: the participants compete with each other in consumption as much food as possible for limited time. Usually, not more than 15 minutes. Most often as food, which eat modern Gargantua, perform hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, meatballs, pies, chicken wings and pancakes. In general, the diverse Fast Food. In addition to America, such competitions are distributed in Canada and Japan. Some organizers establish cash prizes for winners, the size of which comes to $ 10,000. There are several organizations in the world that position themselves as a professional federation federation of food – for example, ifoce (International Speed ​​Father’s Federation). Such contests are regularly criticized, and it is not possible – they harm the health of participants and instill young people with an incorrect attitude towards food. Previously, "my planet" talked about other unsafe competitions, as well as about American traditions that are unclear for us.


What amazing tricks are able to do a man with a hoop! By the way, this sports simulator in its modern form was invented by the American Richard Knerr. The first tests took place in early 1958 in the elementary school of the city of Pasadena (California, United States). Cerner and his partner Merlin promised to give their hoops to children if they learn to twist them well. And even for advertising, businessmen told employees of the company to take the hoop with them to the plane so that people around were interested in what it is. Unknown marketing methods worked, and by the mid-1958 people built in long queues to purchase a fashionable simulator in stores. Knerra and Merlin began to produce 20,000 wrap per day.

The English word "hulahup" is formed from the HOOP word association (eng. – "hoop") and the names of the Hawaiian dance "Hula". However, the idea itself is not new. Archaeologists found fossil hoops on excavations in the northern oases of Egypt. They were put in the graves of Egyptian dignitaries along with disguised slaves and homemade utensils. Previously, "My Planet" published a video, as a man twists a heavy 60-kilogram tire like hulahup.

Tailed swings

This funny moment was able to climb the photographer of wildlife Thomas Viejayan. In the picture, Gulmanov Group (the race of monkeys from the Martyshkovy family) plays in the forest of Bandipur National Park (India). One of the monkeys rides on the tails of the other two, as if on a swing. By the way, in 2016, this particular photo lovers of wildlife chose the best in the competition Wildlife photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award (Look also at other pictures that received this award). "To shoot animals is my passion, not a profession," says Viejyan. – However, in recent years, this occupation plays a crucial role in my life. I already visited all the continents following my love for photography ". By the way, recently scientists found out that nothing human is alien to monkeys, and they grieve when they lose their loved ones.

Like children

Admire how touching the young kangaroo look. They can be taken on hand, and they will lick you! Generally, Kangaroo has a unique breeding mechanism. The first time the young spends in the bag mom, looked back to her nipple. At the same time, at the very beginning, it is tiny: less than 2 cm long and weighs less than 1 g. At first, scientists thought that Kenguryat was growing out of the nipples of the mother, as if apples were on branches. This version still believe some Australian farmers.

In fact, the young kangaroo appear on the light not in the bag and fall into it after birth. Like a blind and deaf tiny creature takes there – almost a detective story. During the day before the birth of the baby, the female Kangaroo begins to give a bag in order, licking it from the inside. An hour before childbirth, she sits on the base of the tail and continues to lick the bag, and also licks a narrow strip of wool on the stomach. So it chains a baby path. When Kengurenok appears on the light, it clings to the front legs for the mother’s wool and pretty quickly gets to the bag. There he finds (apparently, guided by the smell and instincts) one of four nipples and hangs on it. At the same time, he does not even know how to suck milk! Mom reduces special muscles on the nipples and injected into his mouth liquid. How Kangaroo manages to clean up the baby, not leaving the bag, read in the material "My Planet".

Horror from past

Finds of the week 12

One of the world’s first photos of Tornado was made in Oklahoma (USA) in 1898. In those years, photographing a storm was a lesson for true madness! Even today it is a real extreme, because a tornado can change direction at any second. And imagine the level of risk in the XIX century – after all, then there were no exact forecasts, no fast cars (by the way, read what advice in those days were given to travelers). The technique was characterized by slow tuning and large sizes. However, all the same were hunters for the elements, ready to risk life for the sake of impressive photos. Previously, such snapshots bought for research and newspapers. Nowadays, they are stored in museums and libraries.

By the way, it is in Oklahoma "Tornadoes happen most often in the US. The local city of Moore is called the "Capital Tornado". Despite this, about 58,000 people still live there. About other life-threatening cities, read in the article "My Planet".

Under him not sick

If you think that you are not afraid of a height, – check yourself, passing on the suspension bridge in the thematic park in Chinese Vanchite. This bridge is located at a height of 150 m, and not everyone will find the strength in order to overcome it, even with insurance. And if the day gives out cloudy and the sinister fog will be cloudy down below, then you can feel yourself the hero of the book of Stephen King. Generally, in this Park, the present expanse for height lovers. In addition to the above-mentioned, there is a glass 80-meter bridge, hanging over the ground at a height of 120 m. He fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest of its kind (then, however, he was pounding with a pedestal another glass bridge – also Chinese). The construction of the design cost the owners of the park at $ 6.5 million. And if you do not have enough sharp impressions, you can also ride a swing at a height of 300 m! In general, from fear of height you accurately get rid. Read also material "My Planet" about unusual border guards connecting two states.

Park in the sea

This park is located not in one of the cities of Europe or Asia, as he may at first seem. In fact, he is broken down on board the Harmony of the Seas liner. This ship is the world’s largest cruise ship. Its length is 362 m. It can accommodate over 6,000 passengers and 2,200 crew members. In its first swimming liner went on May 15, 2016. Harmony of the seas is often called floating city. On board, it is possible to find not only the park, but also a clodder, a tarzankka, on which you can fly almost above all the vessel, rink, basketball court and even mini-water park. Earlier, "my planet" told how cruise liners are arranged.

Finds of the week 12

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