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No, it’s not an outfit for masquerade. In the north of the United States, young dogs have to wear such protective vests to protect themselves from attacking coyotes and other predators. Specifically, this ps is the name of Bini. His mistress Amina Akhtar posted a photo of his pet in Twitter in "Armor" Coyote Vest, and it instantly went online. The creators of the firm decided to engage in the production of unusual vests in 2015, after their PSA pricks. Curious, but in response to the post Ahtar Other users Twitter also began to share in the comments Photos of their dogs in such costumes. Really! Read also about how animals are protected from predators using camouflage.

Snake Log

Finds of the week 11

Look at how python lins! In general, a moltery of snakes – the process is purely individual. It depends on the combination of a plurality of factors: the type of reptile, age, the stage of sexual development, the presence of skin parasites or bacteria, ambient temperature, humidity and power mode. So, some snakes can lift once a month, while others – only a couple of times a year. At the same time, young individuals are usually linked more often than adults. Molt can last like a few days and not one week. Typically, during this period, the snakes become either indifferent and apathetic, or, on the contrary, irritable. So if you have a snake and she gathered to lift – just leave her alone. Earlier, "my planet" talked about other strange pets pets.

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