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If a playful gorilla is suitable for you in the natural reserve and puts you with water from the legs to the head – do not doubt, she just wants to make friends. By the way, it is Gorilla that are considered the most major representatives of the modern detachment of primates, their growth average is 165-175 cm, but there are cases when individuals grow up to 2 m. Gorillas can get up and walk on the hind legs, but they usually still prefer to move on all fours. They live for 30-50 years (in rare cases – almost up to 60) and give birth to a young time in three to five years.

Gorilla is extremely rarely attacked by relatives or, especially on people. Most often, it is limited to the execution of "frightening dance". If the enemy is running out after that, the animal catch up with him and bites. In some African tribes, Gorilla bites are considered the most shameful wounds: it means that a person ran, that is, he is a coward.

Lei, do not regret

In this photo, it can be seen how illegally stored alcohol in the time of the dry law poured directly from the windows. The picture was made in Detroit (USA) in 1929. In general, the first laws related to the limitation of the turnover of alcohol were introduced in the States in the middle of the XIX century, but in full force the fight against alcohol began in the early years of the XX century. In 1905, the dry law acted in Kansas, Mane, Nebraska and North Dakota, by the 1912, he spread to the territory of nine states, by 1916 covered 26 states. In 1919, in the US, it was forbidden to sell alcohol stronger than 2.75%, and on January 17, 1920, an eighteenth amendment to the US Constitution was entered into force, according to which it was impossible to produce and sell alcohol. Canceled it only in 1933. In the meantime, the law acted, on the sale and production of illegal alcohol did huge bullers. About the national features of alcohol consumption, read in the material "My Planet".

Finds of the week 106

All over me!

Some dogs are simply not given to the mouth of sheep! For example, a charming Norfolk Terrier Nelson (even the Pheasant is sometimes better). No wonder this breed is traditionally considered hunting and normal. Norfolk Terriers are among the smallest terriers, they have fun and bold moral. And they love to hunt rats and other small animals.

Finds of the week 106

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