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Illustrator and Animator Nicholas Monterrat Creates beautiful humorous gifs from historical photos. Based on pictures of old catalogs, newspapers and textbooks, he makes fantasy collages, causing emotions from shock to hysterical laughter. See what happens with two scientists on this gif.

This world is invented not by us

18 cities, more than 400 performers from 4 to 92 years and beloved Soviet Song. The idea of ​​the project is simple: a team of enthusiasts goes around the cities of Russia, finds talented musicians and writes a song with them "This world is invented not by us". All records are made live. Very atmospheric.

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The South Pole of Inaccessibility is the Antarctic Mainland point, the most remote from the shores, is 885 km from the Geographical South Pole. In this inhospitable place with an average annual temperature of -58.2 ° C, where a countless number of people visited, Lenin Bust is installed.

On December 14, 1958, a team of 18 stubborn Soviet researchers first reached the southern pole of inaccessibility. The expedition was out of the peaceful – Soviet station, built two years earlier on the seashore of Davis. On the all-terrains drove in a disassembled form a wooden house, which became a research station for four people.

When a Sanny tracked train has reached the goal, scientists have collected a house, watered the Soviet flag and added the final barcode: the top of the pipes of one of the houses installed Bust Lenin so that he watched in the direction of Moscow. At the station, the researchers were literally a couple of weeks spent meteorlements, and then left her. The bust of the leader is half lined with snow. (From the book "Atlas Obscura. The most unusual places of the planet "Myth Publishing Houses, 2018).

Surface predatory Kotakka

Seagulls or killer – who will receive lunch today? Video confrontation between two serious opponents and an unexpected finale.

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In pursuit of elements

Black Low Sky, Glitter Lightning, Cutting Under Violation Wind Grass – That Shower will break out. Face-fascinating frames can be seen in the 4D-short film "Personal" (Transient) Dustina Finell. 30 days Author video traveled by the USA, passing 20,000 miles after the storms. By reference you can see a three-minute video, and we will show the few most atmospheric fragments.

Just a family photo

Group photo of an unknown family about middle of the XIX century. Merry guys, though?

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