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In this photo of the 1910 sample, an American housewife demonstrates how light and pleasant it became her daily life with the advent of an electric washing machine. Loaded it – and know your book you read! By the way, this picture was made in just three years after the invention of this useful device by an engineer of Alva J. Fisher. Thor washing machines were the first in the history of electric cars that were sold in the US.

Funny fact: in the 1940s Thor introduced a hybrid of washing and dishwasher. It was equipped with two removable drums: for linen and for dishes. However, the novelty did not taste the general public, despite active advertising. Buyers have spread the idea to wash clothes and wash the dishes in the same car. Meanwhile, even today in the States, many use the services of public laundries for considerations of saving. Previously, "My Planet" told how to save in other countries of the world.

Bath day

If among the animals staged a competition, who is more designer takes the bath, the otters would have had a big chance of victory! These animals carefully follow the cleanliness. They turn their daily toilet into a real ritual: Drive your heads, tumble in water. So they try to clean the wool from the residues of food and other contaminants, and also fill the undercoat with air. In general, the otter can seek about 2 minutes under water, and then she will need to rise to breathe air. Typically, these animals will settle in forest rivers, where many fish are found, and build holes in such a way that the entrance to them is located just under water.

Barks but does not bite

In the 1970s, in the municipal service in Stockholm (Sweden) was Siv Gulastson, which possesses unusual talent. She knew how to lean in many ways, imitating various breeds of dogs. The ability of Gustvson found use in the police. Walking around the city streets and periodically feeding the voice, Siv caused a response bark. In this original way, the owners of those animals were detected, who hidish their wards, not wanting to pay the tax on their content.

By the way, the tax on dogs exists in Sweden until now. Its size depends on the growth of PSA. In Norway – from its length. Therefore, the Swedes are more likely to have low-speed dachshunds, and the Norwegians – Dogs "Compact" breeds. But in Austria, the hosts of animals were obliged to draw up insurance policies for pets! Every puppy costs owners of € 725. This money should go to compensate for potential moral damage and the cost of the treatment of poor people whom the dog can bite. In general, to own a dog in Austria – the pleasure is not cheap! Earlier, "my planet" talked about other strange taxes existing in the world. And here we talked about unusual professions of cats.

Traces in the fields

Finds of the week 104

In the village of Hevan in northwest, China farmers raised paintings right on the fields. In addition to the traditional green, they used rice of different colors: black, white, yellow. As a result, there are giant drawings depicting butterflies, flowers, leaves and even a portrait of a beautiful Chinese woman in a total area of ​​3.8 hectares! Unusual paintings have already attracted about 20,000 tourists from all over the country. Earlier, "my planet" talked about China in our.

In the kingdom of moss

Mossy frog, or, as it is also called, lichen incentive, is found only in the territory of Northern Vietnam. She lives in deep niches along the streams, in small flooded caves or dupes of trees. The name of his frog was obtained due to the unusual skin covered with tubercles and verses resembling moss or deprived. Such color provides an animal excellent disguise – it is impossible to distinguish it from a piece of moss on a stone.

For the first time, weakly were discovered by biologists in 1899. Most recently, they began to breed in captivity, like pets – in "greenhouse conditions" they are able to live to five to six years. However, the removal of mossy frogs from the territory of Vietnam is strictly controlled. Earlier, "my planet" talked about Vietnam in our, as well as about strange pets.

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