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Did you know that the usual snail has 120 rows of teeth of 100 pieces in each? This special organ is called Radules. How good that snails are so small and can not eat us.

Looks like this question asked both the artists of the past. In medieval manuscripts found a lot of images of knights fighting with gigantic snails. Historians do not yet know what it would mean. Your assumptions?

Cycling cemetery

In 2008, the Chinese city of Hangzhou (Hangzhou) allocated $ 24 million to the Environmental Program for Sharing Bicycles. 86,000 bicycles were available to citizens at various rental locations around the city. Unfortunately, problems appeared with the appearance of this program. The negligent citizens left an ecological two-wheeled transport where it fell: on the roads, sidewalks, in the courtyards … Abandoned bikes gathered the police and placed in 16 sites outside the city. It was assumed that bicycles will take the company to which they belong. However, the owners did not express the desire to engage in iron sorting. So the good undertaking turned into a bicycle cemetery.

Instagram scientists

Instagram is firmly associated with cats, selfie and phytonist. However, if you imagine that the famous scientists of the past would also be postponed to this network, as if their messages in the ribbon looked like? Fun photo designed.

From the beginning of time

Fascinating history of human development year after year since 200,000 years before. NS. And at our day. Get ready: it’s long, but incredibly visual!

The most isolated lighthouse in the world

Built on a stone cliff of about 10 km from Iceland, TDidrangar Mayak is one of the most secluded in the world. The structure located at an altitude of about 40 m above the raging Atlantic Ocean was built in 1939. It is difficult to imagine how it was possible, because helicopters were not used then. By the way, the lighthouse has its own account on Facebook, perhaps he struggles with loneliness.

Finds of the week 102

Vacation: Waiting and Reality

And do not even comment. Everything is so visible.

A little about the elephant

Did you know that the Slonihs have two nipples and breasts of nursing chickens are very similar to the female?

In this sense, the banana elephant is quite correctly depicted from an anatomical point of view. But our eyes he pleases as a promise that summer will certainly come.

Finds of the week 102

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