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In the town of Leiden near Amsterdam is Corpus – the only Museum of the Human Body in the world. His visitors travel within a giant 35-meter (or 7-storey) person. And this adventure perfectly helps to understand how our organism is arranged and what processes in it occur. Excursion begins with Knee Station and ends at the Human Brain station. During a fascinating walk, you can visit the theater of the lungs, to hear the natural sounds of our body, see how the hip bone works when walking, and even feel erythrocyt. Is it worth saying that children and adults remain from visiting an unusual museum? Read about other strange museums of the planet.

Large cat journey

Meet the cats Daikichi and Fuku-Chan – along with her owner Daisuk Nagasavy, they have been traveled in Japan for eight years. During this time, they visited 47 prefectures and more than 1,000 individual settlements. All their adventures on the path of Nagasawa take pictures and lay out in Instagram, where two cats and one person have already gained several thousand subscribers. Judging by the pictures, Daikichi and Fuku-chan love to travel. Especially, they like to stay in a backpack – they are both placed there and on the way can enjoy magnificent Japanese landscapes. Look at the photos of these wanders! Previously, "My Planet" published an article about the best blogs of animal travelers.

Finds of the week 101

Here and the monkey will cope!

On the days of Internet users struck a roller with chimpanzees, which learned to consciously use iPhone. Originally posted in his instagram Mike Holvon from Miami (USA). Man works in animal protection society. Roller collected a lot of comments. Many puzzled the fact that the monkey is able to deal with the technique that our grandparents can sometimes be mastered. In the video, it is true that the chimpanzee understands what it does: he delelito scrolls his finger list of files, knows how to go from one application to another, and how to enlarge separate picture. In addition, he watches the video in which a person playing with another chimpanzee is captured. Maybe we still do not know everything about evolution? For example, do they understand what they say parrots? Learn more about the amazing monkey abilities.

Finds of the week 101

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