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In 1955, in the London Zoo, one of the main favorites of the public was six-year-old Orangutan Mr. Dzhiggs. He adored to communicate with visitors and even learned to remove the mop of the floor in his own room, which brought everyone to delight. However, Mr. Jiggs had negative character traits. For example, he did not know the measures in food. He ate, ate and ate until it groped to catastrophic sizes. In one of the days, the caulistant for monkeys Bill Bell entered the cage and, hoping to stick to Orangutan for overweight, demonstrated that his waist girth is 119 cm! After that, Mr. Jiggs planted on a strict diet until he finally stuck again. And in our days, I even had to lose weight with Israeli!

And now – dancing!

Finds of the week 100

It is an incendiary video with dancers of different countries, ages and gender (and in one of the plots there are even a cat!) It was created to the International Dance Day. It is celebrated annually on April 29. The holiday was established in 1982 on the initiative of the UNESCO International Dance Council. And the date itself was proposed by choreographer Podr Gusev in memory of the great French balletmister Jean-George Novoberre, who entered the story as "Father of Contemporary Ballet". According to the creators, the International Dance Day is designed to unite all directions of this art and become a reason for honoring all involved. Every year, one of the famous representatives of the world of dancing is offered to refer to the public with a speech that reminds people of the whole world about the importance of dance. In different years, Mers Cunningham from the United States (1990), Maya Plisetskaya (1996), Maurice Bezhar from France (1997) and Ulyana Lopatkin (2014). In 2018 there was the 70th anniversary of the International Theater Institute (ITI), so five authors of speeches were selected – from Lebanon, Burkina Faso, Israel, China and Cuba.

Finds of the week 100

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