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Admire the front photo from the meeting of the Great Masonic Lodge in Arizona (USA) in 1897. Moreover, the meeting of the members of the secret society took place. In a copper mine owned by Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. In the town of Bisbi. In general, Masonry developed at the end of the XVI – the beginning of the XVII centuries from associations and guilds of acting bricklayers (because Masons is called "free bricklayers", and the symbols of society are tricks, plumb, chisel, apron and other attributes of the profession). By 1700, in England, Ireland and Scotland existed many lies. However, in 1717, in London, members of four of them decided to create what they called the Great Liesel, in order to control the Brotherhood.

In America, Freemasonry came to the colonial era – just thanks to the permits of the great lies of the British islands. Then local cells were called "provincial". After the American revolution, they were disbanded, and each of the States began to form their own, independent (in the Spirit of Time). The Great Lodge in Arizona was founded quite shortly until the end of the XIX century, in 1882. By the way, it still exists and successfully functions. True, now Masonic orders have ceased to be secret and even have websites on the Internet.

Space Wars

Attention, attention, this is an attack, the northern lights attacks! By the way, this is not a figure of speech – Aurora Borealis arises precisely as a result of the bombardment of the upper layers of the atmosphere by electrons and protons from the space (read the material "My Planet" to learn more in more detail). Due to the effects of these particles, nitrogen and oxygen molecule emit light quanta. Then the radiation that the human eye is able to see, and is called polar shine. Glowing tapes can extend for thousands of kilometers. Their brightness is completely different: weak can be compared with the Milky Path, and the strongest illuminate the sky as a complete moon. Northern radiance is observed mainly in areas around the magnetic poles of the Earth, the so-called Aurryal Ovalas (by the name of the Ancient Roman goddess Morning Dawn Aurora).

My kittens

Kittens loved at all times (by the way, you know why mom-cat brings her down mustache?). This selection of photographs of century ago may be a confirmation. Author of the pictures – Someone Harry Whita Fries, a resident of Pennsylvania (USA). In 1906, he began to take in the nearest pet store, as well as the neighbors of small kittens (and sometimes for a variety of rabbits, puppies and piglets) not older months. Then Harry dressed them in toy clothes, stitched his mother, and photographed. So that the kids sat sently and did not run away, the photographer produced a fly in front of kittens, to which they were interested in, and the attention of puppies attracted by whistle. After Fris released the first series of photos, publishers lined up to get the right to release postcards with cute little animals (read also the article "My Planet" about the history of the postcard). The photo was enormous popularity not only among children, but also in the romantic romantic ladies.

Tigers are different

Finds of the week 10

In this animated video, you can see how different tigers are. By the way, in the video there are animals at least three unusual colors: white without stripes, white with stripes and white with red stripes. In this case, the probability of the birth of a white tiger is approximately 1 to 10,000. Such individuals do not refer to a single form, they have a congenital genetic mutation. Nowadays, white tigers are contained only in zoos, in the wild, the last such predator was shot dead in 1958. Now about 130 white tigers are known in the world, of which about 100 live in India.

And in the roller there is no mention of black tigers, and such in nature are also found! This is an extraordinary rarity, they are called so because of the pseudo-one. The tigers-pseudo-delican bands are located as close to each other that the red background turns out to be practically invisible. The real melanysts are painted in a smooth black color and the bands do not have. Such a tiger was discovered only once and was photographed, but the snapshot is currently lost. So it remains only to guess, is it true! Previously, "My Planet" published a large photo project about tigers living in a monastery in Western Thailand.

Shopping on list

In the era, when smartphones did not exist and applications, to lead a list of products that need to buy, people found interesting outputs from the situation. For example, in Germany in the 1930s, there was such a reminder. German Frau conducted a revision of stocks and noted that you need to purchase: honey? almond? bread? butter? Please note that in the reminder there is even a universal seasoning "Maggie"! You knew that she was invented at the end of the XIX century? In 1897, the seasoning appeared in German stores and quickly became popular. Read also on what you can not do in Germany today.

Finds of the week 10

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