Finding a companion on vacation – how safe it is?

But how can you go to another city or generally a country with a person you don’t know and you do not trust? And what if something happens on the road, or while traveling?

Calmly! There are certain safety rules that need to be considered when choosing a fellow traveler and in the trip.

In this article we will talk about the back of the search for a fellow traveler – About security. How exactly to look for and how to act in a joint trip to insignia.

Before traveling

Now there are many sites and trades of travelers in social networks where you can find the person who will make you a company throughout the rest. Of course, none of the services can you guarantee complete safety when choosing a fellow traveler. Unclean on the hands of the guys are found here. On the Internet you can find many stories. True, most concerns car travelers, but there is also a deception among the search for fellow travelers.

In order for you do not bother with searching, we give a few examples:

Most recently, the 18-year-old resident of Krasnodar was fraud from the road. The driver convinced him to get out of the service chat and continue discussion of the details of the trip in Messenger. It was necessary to go on a payment link to make a prepayment of 1 thousand. rubles for travel. After the Krasnodeta entered the data of his bank card, the entire amount was written off his account – about 7 thousand. rubles. Of course, on “Driver” It was no longer possible to go out, he blocked the victim in all messengers and the application.

And if 7 thousand. rubles – This is not the biggest amount, then 67 thousand. rubles – more significant loss, agree. Such big money lost 53-year-old Murmancanka, who booked a trip to Moscow. Calling with the driver, the woman agreed on the details and the cost of the trip – 800 rubles. A funeral sent a link to the messenger to pay for payment, where it was necessary to make the number and details of the banking. As a result, 67 thousand. rubles.

The same scheme enjoy traes for recreation. They can send you a link to make a prepayment for booking a hotel, or tickets. Therefore, never remember, never go through unknown links. Otherwise you can lose not only your savings, but also a desire to go somewhere. Moreover, if the fellowship asks you to buy him a ticket, make a visa, or even send money in exchange for a number or photo (Believe me, it also happens) – This is a big no!

How then safe to buy a tour?

Book tours through large online travel agencies, such as Level.Travel. The scheme looks like this: when the fellow travelers chose a tour and ready to book it, they can break the payment on the part and pay it from two cards (or you need it since). At the same time, money from cards will not be written off, but will only be chosen until the tour is confirmed.

Booking a tour will start after the full amount is paid, after confirming the tour of the tour operator, the money will be written off from cards. If the tour is canceled – Money will return to every tourist on the map.

That is, in this case, the risks of fellow travelers are reduced to zero.

Security rules when searching for a fellow traveler

Finding a companion on vacation - how safe it is
  • Consonounce the usual connection. Where you have had a phone number of your potential companion. If a person does not want to go with you on direct contact, but suggests to talk in messengers, especially in a telegram, where his number can be hidden privacy, or instagram – it already causes suspicion.
  • It is important that you can call video, for example in whatsapp. Swellers should hardly shine.
  • Excellent way to check personality – It is to send a potential fellow traveler 1 ruble through the translation of Sberbank (it is from most ours). So you can check its real initials. Of course, it will be better if they coincide with those that he called.
  • If you are planning to buy a joint tour – It should be done only through a proven tour operator, and not through the familiar travel agent of your new companion. Some tour operators help in finding a fellow traveler. This is especially true of sightseeing tours – often they are looking for a fellow traveler to their customers, so that those saved on living in the room.
  • A fellow traveler who has nothing to hide will show its social networks, and not one – OK, FB, B, and Instagram. So it happened that in the modern realities they have in most people. Look these pages – they must be alive and real. Most often, the story of the acquaintance for a joint trip from the screws is short, therefore they have no social networks, or there will be – But fake pages. And if this is a real person, then his page will be more than one year.
  • If you are looking for a traveler on sites, the best option will find a person who lives in one city with you so that you can pre-meet and get to know each other better (better, of course, in a crowded place).

In any case, always rely on intuition! If it seems to you that a person is not sincere, forcing you for something, or you are discomfort, think about whether it is worth going with that person on the journey and continue to communicate.

During a trip

But what if you have already chosen a suitable candidate? Record Security Rules on the trip:

  • Do not take with you to rest jewels and large amounts of money.
  • Watch your wallet and bank cards.
  • Make yourself a secret place for the most valuable.
  • Close the valuable things in a suitcase on the castle. You insult yourself also from cunning maids – it will be calmer.
  • Do not eat and do not use drugs. They do not need to use, of course. Better control itself 100% during the whole trip.
  • Ideally live with fellow travelers in individual rooms or apartments. This is the best security option. But he is unlikely to suit those who are looking for a companion in order to save on accommodation.
  • Hold the link with relatives and loved ones. Write them in social networks, write voice messages, call. Use any convenient way to give them to know where you and where you go as often as possible.
  • Control not only your behavior, but also the behavior of their fellow traveler. In many countries, especially Asia and the Far East there are certain rules of behavior and traditions that should not be broken. Even if you behave properly, and your traveler will break, will probably call you responsibility. Will be better if such moments you discuss even before the trip.

Travel with fellow traveler – It is always a kind of risk. Nevertheless, it can turn into an excellent adventure and unforgettable experience. And with this person you may have a real friendship that you will no longer need to look for a new traveler. Follow the security rules listed and trust your intuition.

And the most important thing – Do not forget to enjoy the journey! After all, with each trip you are already a completely different person.

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