Final Travel House for $ 22,000 Sucked Success all over the world

Brette Haus, start-up from Latvia, launched in 2019, managed to make up the best sides of both worlds: the company produces strong folding mini-houses, which can also be moved from place to place.

Details of such dwellings are supplied in boxes, from the content of which two people can build a house in less than three hours.

Brette Haus creates three types of houses, each of which, in turn, has three different sizes, from 58 m2 to 154 m2.

Housing from Brette Haus can be collected anywhere

Cost varies from 22,000 to 61,500 dollars.

Houses do not require foundation

Gennady Bakunin, founder and general director of the company, shared that it was inspired by the growing trend of the acquisition of houses, which can be carried away everywhere, as well as rustic and nordic styles in the interior.

Houses delivers truckran

He said that every next design was based on customer feedback.

Boxes are revealed and incremented in the amount of three times the village of Rustic style Rustic has a scope roof and two floors of Urban also has two floors, but it looks more elegant and modern

COMPACT type house looks like a fashionable bungalow and can act as an ideal home office.

COMPACT type house

Currently, these houses are used mainly by tourist companies.

Each house has a minimally equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom with everything you need.

Inside the mini house

For an additional fee, you can add a set of other "accessories" and furniture for an existing headset – from fully equipped IKEA kitchen to solar packs.

Inside the mini house cozy

Houses are delivered by trucks in compact containers that weigh about 4,300 kg.

Houses deliver in these containers

One truck can simultaneously deliver several containers.

Two people will need no more than three hours to collect the house, and Brette Haus will take care of the initial installation.

Build takes up to 3 hours

The mini-houses use a patented loop system.

They can be put anywhere, because the foundation for the house-designer is not needed.

Tiny folding house

All you need for a comfortable settlement is a connection to water supply, electricity and sewer pipe, as in the house on wheels, although there are autonomous options.

Final Travel House for $ 22,000 Sucked Success all over the world

Transportation of folding house

The company uses the patented "loop system" to which a warranty for 100 displacements is distributed.

Tiny folding house inside

According to the company’s estimates, at home will serve five years, even if they rearrange them 100 times.

"Brette Haus Mission – produce high-quality mobile homes, because these days more and more people want to change the situation around and are not tied to one place," the company says.

Folding house inside

Houses are built using exclusively natural materials suitable for recycling, which, according to the company’s website, are "carbon-neutral and practically no waste".

Tiny folding house, second floor

Houses are designed in such a way as to withstand harsh weather conditions.

According to the press release, due to the "mobile" status of houses, in many countries it eliminates the need to obtain a construction permit.

Tiny folding house, assembly process

Houses can be delivered to any point in Europe for nine weeks, and in the US for 12.

Currently, according to Bakunin, clients are mostly enterprises related to tourism, but in the future he sees a huge potential for individual owners.

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