Final part of the trilogy "Hitchhiker’s Europam"

A few more accomplishments, and you will feel the strength to go on a hitchhiking trip. What else should you remember?

Buy yourself atlas driver and carefully study the location of the main routes – it is the roads that you will move. It is the main routes of the most "lively", they connect large cities, and it goes the largest car. You must move the trunk tracks, preferably from one city to another, even if their direction is a significant hook from your desired destination. After all, one of the main commandments of the hitchhiking – the shortest way – does not mean that the fastest.

Another important topic – conversations with drivers. There is an opinion that if you are lucky and you agreed to throw, then the best topic for conversation on the road is the bikes yes jokes. This advice is truthful except for 10%, no more.

Use time on the way rationally. You really don’t know what awaits you ahead, and the driver knows exactly where he rides. Start the conversation from afar – tell us where you are going, what is your goal of travel, how many kilometers and cities are behind you. And then proceed to the questions you are interested in: what is this city, where you are going to land, where you can spend the night or eat, how best to leave it, and so on.

In general, talk about what interests you, feel free to ask questions – many carbuilders precisely thanks to drivers make up the plan of their further travel and focus on the road. As long as you discuss your pressing problems, most of the path will be behind, and therefore the need for jokes disappears.

Final part of the trilogy

The only thing you do not need to do in the cabin is to sleep. Do it on "partings", in hostels, in a tent, but in no case in the car. You took a ride only to dispel your own boredom, and not to earn money. Justify these expectations, otherwise you will fall out in a couple of kilometers.

And it is even desirable not to touch on in conversations, due to which disputes arise. Remember, people are different, their feelings hook easier simple. Therefore, even your appearance should not brightly demonstrate your worldview. Например, футболку с надписью «All niggers must die» в дорогу лучше не надевать. In the same category, decorations in the style of raster or punk, as well as badges with political parties or non-traditional religious attributes for this area.

You will protect your beliefs in another time, on the road you are not on hand. Be prudent, and then the road will always be happy for you.

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