Final of the competition "Merry name of the settlement of the our Federation": Khokhotui, Swinehore, Bukhachovo and others.

Suitable by the end Competition for the funniest name of the settlement of Russia. Behind two and a half months of qualifying rounds, 100 challengers’ items for entering the final of 83 regions of Russia and more than 190,000 of your votes. Final finals arrived. It will fight ten settlements who won the qualifying stage.

Voting will last for two weeks and will end on November 24 at 23:59 Moscow time. You can give your voice in the community "Tutu.RU "in" VKontakte ". Competition is held with the support of the club "My Planet".

What populated in Russia has the most fun name?

    Final of the competition
  1. Sugar head (Sevastopol)
  2. Mukhouderovka (Belgorod region)
  3. Scrotum (Kaluga region)
  4. Loch (Saratov region)
  5. Bukhachovo (Yaroslavl region)
  6. Pierce (Republic of Tatarstan)
  7. Freezer (Arkhangelsk region)
  8. Muddy mainland (Komi Republic)
  9. Khokhotui (Transbaikal region)
  10. Palevo (Sakhalin region).

➤ Important! Every day we will check the progress of voting for possible cheats or any other dishonest methods for the fight for the victory in the competition. Let those settlement be won, for which most people really voted.

On the project page, look for the history of the origin of all these names. At the same time, and about previous participants can be read.

Final of the competition

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