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Incredible nature and snow-white beaches attract not only tourists from around the world. The filmmakers penetrated the beauty of Thailand long before the tourist boom. Thanks to foreign films, some attractions have become very popular. Their own atmosphere can differ significantly from what was shown on the screen. And, of course, the Thais themselves, their life and morals are far from reality. Plots also do not need to analyze and compare with what you have seen in the journey. Movies worth seeing for a beautiful picture. Especially if the scenario takes place on the beaches and islands.

The film with Leonardo di Caprio is perhaps one of the most popular. He was filmed in Bangkok, on Phuket and Phui Phi. During the shooting, the actors lived at Cape Panwa Hotel in Phuket and went to Maya’s bay every day. For a beautiful picture on the beach of the bay, palm trees landed and did not remove after the end of the filming, because of what a big scandal happened. Part of the frames of Bangkok were filmed on the Bekpeker Street Khao San. Hostel, in which the chief hero was given the map, is located in Phuket Town on Phang Nga Street. Now it was completely rebuilt and called the Memory at on ON Hotel. A beautiful waterfall from the film is located in Khao Yai National Park, not far from Bangkok.

"Man with a golden pistol"

Part of the film was filmed in Bangkok: Racchadamnen Stadium, exciting chase on cars and boats through the Capital Channels. And the most famous shots were made in the Bay of Phang Nga with dozens of islets. In 1974, all the beauty of the bay was impossible to convey. If they were filmed now, be sure to shoot a shot from drone. After the film, the popularity of excursions in the Bay of Phang Nga has increased. And an unusual island with a statement base called in honor of the agent 007, and not in honor of his owner of Francisco Scratamy. Even long-tailed boats for a long time called James Bond boats.

"Tomorrow will never die"

This is the second film Bondiad, shot in Thailand. According to the scenario, the plot unfolds in Vietnam. But filming moved to Bangkok instead of Saigon. One of the bright scenes of the film – James Bond jump and Wei Lin from a skyscraper. The Sinn Sathorn Tower significant place is still towers in Bangkok, on the left bank of the Chaopraya River. And part of the scenes were filmed in the Bay of Phang Nga. Sightseeing ship with red sails can still be seen in the bay.

"Good morning, Vietnam"

Although in the film and there is a speech about Saigon, the filming took place in Thailand. Radio studio was located in Malaysia Hotel in Bangkok. School, where the main character taught English, was a real international ISB. And senior schoolchildren involved as an extract. Scenes of rustic life and landscapes were removed on Phuket. In those days, the island was planted with rice fields and gevent plantations.

"No exit"

According to the plot, the American designer with his wife and two daughters moves to Southeast Asia, and after a few hours a military coup happens. The country is not named, judging by geography, it is fictional. Shooting took place in Thailand, in the city of Chiang May. The main characters are located at the hotel The Imperial Mae Pin. Father Family walks through the narrow streets of Chiang May until the hunt for all foreigners begins.

"Sky and earth"

The third film of Oliver Stone about the Vietnamese War. History tells about the unclean fate of the girl for 30 years before, during and after the war. Part of Vietnamese frames was removed in Thailand. Mountain landscapes – in the province of Krabi, city scenes – on Phuket. Easy to learn in the house of a rich family, where the main character was served, Museum-Mansion Baan Chinpracha in Phuket Town. But the street of Phuket Town has changed very much since the 90s. I only learned Song Sun-Fucks near the Tai Hua Museum (this is a house where American soldiers catch out) and the lanes behind the market on Ranong Street.


One of the best militants shot in Thailand. You can even forgive the typical stereotypes of foreigners about Thai and their martial arts. Jean-Claude Van Damm Yun, the plot simple, the picture is beautiful – such a combination, perhaps, promoted many Americans to go to Thailand and study Muay Thai. In the film you will see the country in the 80s. Even now you can find a cafe that preserved the atmosphere of that time.


The film about the tsunami is based on the real history of the family from Spain. He was filmed in Kao Lake, at the hotel Orchid Beach Resort. This area suffered from Tsunami most. The wave went deep into the mainland by 2 kilometers, throwing the military ship T813 ashore. He still stands in the area of ​​Bang Niang near the Tsunami Museum. Element did not spare even the royal family. The first son of the current king Frame X died on a yacht in Kao Lake. The film itself went to the screens in 2014, and the filming took place in 2009. I even passed the casting into the crowd, but could not go.

"Bangkok Hilton"

In the mini-series with Nicole Kidman only 6 episodes. The young girl of Katrina goes in search of her father, along the way, getting acquainted with the photographer Archie. They are tied relationships. Archie’s departure gives the main heroine a suitcase with a camera in which drugs are found at the customs of Thailand. Catherine is arrested and put in a Bangkok prison. She has become a men’s jail Bangkwang in Bangkok. The series contains colorful conditions. About Bangkwang Prison Self Recommend to read the book Felix Cherem.


Near Phuket Two Hong Islands: One – in the Bay of Phang Nga, the other – closer to the mainland crab. The first is the caves where you can swim only on kayak. The second as if desired with thailand advertising: azure water without waves, white sand and rocks around, crumpled vegetation, – 100% pure beauty. our film with Sergey Svetlakov and faith of Brezhnev took off just in the corrup. The plot of the film is simple and fully fictional. No tribe cannibals on Hong Island. But here lives Varan, considering himself the owner of the island.

"Bachelor Party 2: From Vegas in Bangkok"

The insane adventures of the fourth of friends move to Bangkok. Scriptwriters included in the plot Million inkish cliché: monks in bars, transvestites, monkey-drug trains, our mafia. Bangkok under alcohol on soy cowboy may not be worse than Las Vegas. If you abstract from the events that happens, you will see gorgeous views from the roof of the hotel Lebua, chaotic streets, Makashnitsa, Tuk-Tuki. Wedding scenes were filmed in krabi. The film features two Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton Reserve on the beach Tabkec and Dusit Thani Krabi on the beach Clong Weanga.

"Anna and King"

The film is based on the memories of Anna Leonews. The British teacher came to Siam to teach English wives and children Rama IV. The shooting process was not palpted first. Producers could not agree with the Thai government: the scenario was rewritten several times, but did not receive permission for the film. Removing transferred to Malaysia, to the city of IPO. In Thailand "Anna and King" I did not come out. It is forbidden to show due to the falseness of the plot, the misfortune of the royal family.

"Bridget Jones: the faces of reasonable"

This film is not at all about Thailand, but his part was filmed in Bangkok and on the Phuket Beach Naya Yang. Spectators show "Exotic": Massage salon with girls in swimsuits on soy cowboy, eating grasshoppers, Bangkok Muskashnitsy, lunch with hallucinogenic mushrooms right on sand. Those bamboo huts where the Bridget with her friend lived, no longer. They were demolished several years ago, when the beaches were cleared of illegal buildings. The film shows the floating village of Panya. At first, the heroes are driving near her long-boring boat, and then dinner in the restaurant. A chic hotel where Daniel stopped, at the time of the shooting was called Pearl Village, and now it is The Slate. And classic making a reference to the film "Bangkok Hilton", – Drugs B "Gift" From a unconscious man.

"Land of change"

The comedy drama was filmed on Phuket and in the surrounding. The main character is experiencing a crisis in his marriage. To distract from problems, he invites the best friend to go to Thailand. In the film, a chic picture and superbly selected soundtracks. You will see the most famous sights: James Bond Island, Hong, Phang Nga Bay, Suduvan Temple, Phi Phi with his nightlife. On Phuket itself, the main characters lived at the hotel The Slate.

"Mechanic 2. Resurrection"

And again, the first place to break the bay of Phang Nga. On the film, the main character arrives in Thailand and stops in the bungalow on the island of Lipe. In fact, the shooting took place on the northeast Cape of the island of Yao Yai. The famous sandy braza beach Lem Hat (Laem Had Beach), appearing only in the sampling, is one of the sights of the island. The hotel with bungalows was built specifically for the film. Second location in Thailand is Bangkok and Chaopraya River.

"On hook"

our comedy with Konstantin Kryukov and Catherine Vilkova was filmed on the Islands of Samui and Nang Yuan. The picturesque beach with boulders is Silver Beach. It is also called Crystal Bay or Tongtakian Beach. Separate scenes were filmed on Fisherman’s Village street and on Lamai Beach. Heroes are engaged in diving near the island of Nang Yuan. It is there that there is a famous observation deck with a view of the sandy braid, connecting three parts of the island, a wooden pier and other locations. I recommend to watch a film for entertainment and magnificent pictures.

Snake (The Serpent)

Mini series released NetFlix in 2021. The story is based on the real events that took place in Bangkok in the mid-1970s. The main hero on the nicknamed snake kills tourists on "Hippie trail" for money, passports or because of fear of being revealed. He is easily traveling from Bangkok to Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Delhi, Paris in search of new victims. The series shows the spirit of the time: the first European tourists and expatures, drugs and alcohol, crime and Thai police. Much in our time has not changed. Now the serial killer Charles Collegiate is in prison.

"Destroyed palace"

Films about Thailand - Foreign cinema about the tsunami, Vietnamese War, Comedy and Drama Guide in Thailand

American drama once again shows the tragic destiny of foreign tourists in Thailand. Two girlfriends went to Bangkok, met with a young guy and decided to go to Hong Kong to the weekend. Only from Thailand girls did not fly out. On the border, the customs officers found drugs and directly from the airport sent to prison. In the course of the film there is an attempt to escape, and corruption is revealed by Thai police and officials. Producers failed to get permission to shoot the entire film in Thailand due to a critical perspective. Most scenes removed in the Philippines.

"Love in the big city 2"

Thailand in the film a little. A pair of frames of Bangkok and a little Pattaya. The temple of the truth was turned into a monastery with the goddess of fertility, added computer graphics to place it on the rock. In fact, knowledgeable tourists for children go to the goddess of Pranag on the eponymous beach in the province of Krabi and to Sanctuza Titput at Mövenpick BDMS.

"Dad without bad habits"

The our name absolutely does not reflect the essence of the film with Christian Klava and Jean Renault. In the plot of two French moms want to adopt Thai girl. According to the laws of the Kingdom, adoption is possible only by a registered heterosexual pair. Then moms are solved on the scaffold and give out the future of brother’s fellow one of them. To convince the reality of marriage you need a temporary guardian of the girl – a French doctor living in Thailand for many years. Throughout the visit to Bangkok, funny moments are waiting for you when tourist ideas about the country and the expat. Perhaps this is the only film from the list, where some Thai traditions are explained. See it in the window below.


Military Drama with Colin Further. Thailand during World War II was occupied by Japan. Prisoners of war Japanese sent to the construction of the railway. The film is based on the life of the British officer Eric Lomaks, who wrote a book about torture in the camp, psychological injury and the way to cope. From the attractions of Thailand in the frame, Bangkok Railway Station Hua Lammhong and Bridge across the Quai River.

Credit teacher 2

The next adventures of the Gerra Muller and his insane class. This time they go to Thailand. The filming took place in Bangkok and the province of crabies with its beautiful mountain landscapes and non-cereal places. While the teacher fell asleep, Babes from the airport Suwanabhum went to the traditional Songteo straight on the street entertainment soy cowboy. The village with the school is located in the area of ​​JSC Lyk to Krabi, but the camp is the main characters on the beach tone Sai Peninsula Rilea. On the horizon you can see the island feed and chicken. Interesting location for Tubega or alloy – the Nai Sa River, where the monkey throws Coconut in the Gerra Muller. In the frames you can see other islands of Krabi and Phang Nga. Including the floating village of Panya with a football field right in the sea. And the temple is a copy of the Phymyai Temple in the Park of Myang Boran. Look whole movie in the window below.

"Dangerous Bangkok"

American remake with Nicholas Cage Thai film turned out to be frankly failure. The main character is very slow, and the picture is quite dark. I advise you to see both films and compare. Scenes on the floating market and pursuit by boats across Bangkok canals in the American drama look.


Danish drama is similar to typical history of European tourists of middle-aged in Thailand. A man living with his mother comes to Pattaya in the hope of starting a relationship with a Thai girl. His uncle gets a swarm and introduces a bar girl, but unsuccessfully. I will not continue to spoil what was with the main hero. In addition to the golden places of the city of sin, the film shows a typical Pattaya: Tuk-Tuki, Market, Temple, Dancing Girl Beach.

"Thai Voyage Stepanycha"

The first our film about Thailand and tourists of the early XXI century. Action takes place in Pattaya. Championship of the Chelyabinsk Plant Stepanycha is awarded the burning trip to Thailand, where he opens up for himself a new world. In the frame you will see a lot of iconic places of the city of sins: Golden Buddha on the rock, Park Millionnole Stones, Tower Pattaya Park, Mike Shopping Mall, Volking Street and others. Watch the movie in the window below.

Below I give a continuation of the list in the abbreviated version. Military films about Vietnam by tradition were filmed in Thailand.

  • "Fields of death" – Drama about the Holocaust in Cambodia filmed in Thailand.
  • "Bridge over the river Kwai" – An old film about Siamesk-Burmese Railway was shot in Sri Lanka.
  • "Rambo" – Produusers of this series of films loved to return to Thailand, but the country itself is not enough in the frame.
  • "Only God will forgive" – Drama with Ryan Gosling starred in Bangkok, but the city itself is in the film.
  • "Island of Golovorezov" – The adventure tape partially starred on the island of Phi Phi, in Maya Bay.
  • "Star Wars: Episode III – Sitchov Revenge" – Rocks of the Gulf of Phang Nga became part of the scenery of Cashiak.
  • "Meg: Monster Depth" – Part of the film was filmed in the village suburbs of Bangkok.
  • "Bachelor party in Pattaya" – French comedy on an amateur will show typical stereotypes of the city of sins.
  • "Paradise beach" – French criminal drama shot at Phuket.
  • "Emmanuel" and "Emmanuel in Bangkok" – both erotic films were filmed in Thailand.
  • "Prince and me 4" – Danish king and his wife are invited to the wedding of Princess Kingdom Saigun. The plot shows Central Thailand: palaces, temples, jungle and waterfall Eravan.
  • "Mortal battle" and "Deadly Battle 2: Extermination" – Ribbons were filmed in Historic Parks Ayuttheia and Sukhothai.
  • "Farag" – The gloomy mini series was filmed on Phuket. In it you will see Phuket-Town, its shorts and one of the beaches.

Soon the ninth film will be released soon "Forsazh". The filming took place in the provinces of Krabi, Phang Nga and Phuket.

Films about Thailand - Foreign cinema about the tsunami, Vietnamese War, Comedy and Drama Guide in Thailand

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