Film wagons of the PRC: How to travel ordinary Chinese

There is a stereotype that the railway transport of the Middle Kingdom stepped in the XXII century and carries out all passengers at a speed of 400 km / h on trains from Marvel Universe. Some foundations under such an opinion – Available. For example, Express Beijing goes with such quick speed – Shanghai and a number of other high-speed trains. And, nevertheless, most Chinese continue to ride the railway at unexpected speeds 70-80 km / h in trivial departure cars. However, the banal they seem to residents of the PRC, and for us – Almost probably will seem exotic.

Traveling in second-class cars are the most accessible to the Chinese in terms of cost: the situation is not much different from the our realities. But the placentar themselves in the PRC are very distinctive.

Today is Chinese analogue of our Railways «China Railways» uses two of their kind: old and new. Old – Something resemble the wagons of the Soviet sample, they still transport about two thirds of passengers. In the middle of the tenths in China, the placentar of the new sample, which, really – Super complex and modern.

In this material we will tell about those and others. It is possible that to travel to them and someone from the readers of the Tourweek resource.

Chinese placentar of old sample

It is interesting that buying a ticket is not in advance, but at the train station on the day of departure, the passenger until the last moment does not know which car will get to him: new or old. Probably, this is manifested by the features of the Chinese mentality and the socialist principle «take what they give». The probability of falling out the old placentar is about 70%, simply because they are still more on Chinese railway lines.

The first thing that is surprised by our in such a car – Lack of side shelves. Instead, in the aisle, folding chairs are installed, on which you can sit alone and look at beautiful scenery outside the window.

The Chinese had to abandon side places not at all out of passenger care. The fact is that the railways in the Middle Kingdom began to establish the British, so the European Standard of King in 1435 mm was rooted in China. It is almost 10 cm less than that.N. «our russia», and therefore cars in the PRC have to do already than in Russia. Because of this Policoo Plus «Bocus» they simply do not fit in width. But in Chinese placenta, it turned out to make a wider passage, and if you fold the side chairs, this prospectus is available passengers. Periodically, on it, walking the conduit with trolleys, offering passengers to buy outstand food and drinks. Third-party small sellers in style «NN-NADA glasses?» In the wagons are not allowed.

Well, the main difference is three-tiered sleeping shelves. To ensure high capacity, passengers put to sleep and on the third shelf, where baggage should be located on our standards. Bags have to rub under the lower tier, as well as lay on a special shelf, placed above the side seats. However, in China, it is not customary to take a huge suitcases in the train, so the places for the baggage usually grabs.

By default, it is believed to sit on «Boxes» have the right passengers traveling on the upper shelves. Therefore, day – Almost all the side places are busy, and in the evening the inhabitants of the third tier clamped to themselves on the top of the special stairs.

Another exotic feature of the Chinese placentar is the presence in each compartment of thermosa-drinker with hot water. No boiling water in it (total 70°) but for the preparation of local «Doshirak» – Quite enough.

Like the ours, going into the car, the Chinese immediately begin to lay out food and drink tea, just not black, and green jasmine. Because of this, on the stories of travelers, smells in Chinese deposits are specific, but in general, acceptable. Even in old cars, good conditioning is ensured, every 3-4 hours the conduit sweeps the corridor.

Chinese plackets of the new sample

Film wagons of the PRC How Traveling Simple Chinese

From 2017. On lines «China Railways» Elegant reserved seats of modern type appeared. Sleeping places in them are organized on the principle of capsune hotel and closed with curtains. Interestingly, compared to old placentar (where there is no «Sideways»), new cars are organized with accuracy «before the opposite». They are absolutely all places – lateral, and passengers lie along the car, like a string. Due to this, it was possible to expand the width of the bed to 75 cm, and the central corridor became even more spacious.

New generation wagons run mainly on high-speed lines where there are no sharp turns. Thanks to this, the engineers created beambourous trains, in which essentially there is only one, but an extremely long car.

The most common series of such trains is «Fuxing Hao», what can be converted to about «Youth». This model has two standard standards: 209 and 414 m. Just such a length has only one car. In the first case, it consists of 440 seats, and in the second – 880! It is quite clear that in a single superstav, there are several outlets and bathrooms at once.

On sleeping places, or rather – In passenger compartments, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. For the inhabitants of the upper shelves there are stairs and handrails. At night, the passenger can isolate its capsule from the outside world corrugated tissue shirma. In the resulting room to its services – Individual lighting, clothes hanger, small table and block for charging gadgets (USB connector and regular socket). Under the head there is even an orthopedic back, which can be adjusted for comfortable seating.

Sleeping places of trains «China Railways» Equipped with a buckwheat filler, each passenger is issued disposable slippers.

Badless car-town to someone will seem an anthill, but he has undeniable advantages. For example, if the nearest toilet is busy, you can easily go to the next, not overcoming the screaming and dirty car jack.

Night mode in Chinese deposits is respected as strict as possible. In the evening, only minimal lighting remains, but if necessary, the passenger can turn on the lamp in its capsule. If at night someone begins to make noise or, all the more drinking, the asocial actions are rather rudely broken by the conductors, and if they do not cope, then the police. In this regard, Chinese orders on the railway – noticeably tough our.

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