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"Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission","Kundun", "Pearl Nila" and many others.

At the entrance we paid a ticket and waited for a guide, which turned out to be completely stupid.

On my question, from which the design is made (photo2 under the cut), he not blinking the eye stated – "Stone" And immediately lost my trust, because even blind from two meters it will be obvious that it is the purest foam.

I reluctantly spent the guide on, but he didn’t even ease us to enlighten us, and just drove us forward as the mullet drivers. I’m very quickly tired of it, and I asked, and can we see everything ourselves without it "Service", What he happily jumped and left us alone)

In the photo, stones and bricks look like real, but all this painted foam and plastic. In fact, the thickness of these walls is no more than 2-3 cm. And behind everything keeps on the lungs of bamboo poles and clay.

At the very beginning we find ourselves in Tibet, in the scenery for the film Scorsese "Kundun" I regret that I did not photograph this thing in a photo 2 closer, it is all made of purest foam)

And already around the turn, we turn out to be in the Middle East. Beautiful Persian Gate)

And here the buggy banks)

Omnipresent cats go on and butfoot walls)

But so the scenery looks from the inside. Thin wooden frames, bamboo lattices and red clay.

There are really such octrics for chic palaces.

Film Studio Atlas

And immediately for the Persion there are Greek columns. Several years have passed since the film shooting, and the scenery has already been severely collapsed.

And for Greece Egypt. Here shot "Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission" There are strange statues on the sandy plaster stands, on the lion’s bodies of lamb and crocodile heads. Looks, honestly, quite ridiculous, but generally quite impressive)

I could not help and photographed with this charmal)

And here a slightly boiled pharaohs.

But a wonderful example of temple painting)

Strange, but in the next arch we find yourself in the medieval castle.

Film Studio Atlas

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