Film Festival about cyclists

2 June 4 June 2011 As part of the Cycling Week in Tallinn and within the framework of the Tallinn C Cultural Capital of Europe 2011, a cult event Bicycle Film Festival will be held for the first time in Estonia.

Bicycle Film Festival (BBF) will be held at the Artis Cinema and in the NO99 Theater from Straws, where 38 short-term and 5 full-length bicycles will be presented. The program will feature both documentary films portraits about famous cyclists and cheerful chronicles, experimental films, classic filmters.

Mentor of the Film Festival is Veloradical Brendt Barbur. The idea of ​​Bicycle Film Festival is to present a bicycle sub-culture through music, art and cinema. For the first time, the film festival was held in New York in 2001, and today it takes place in various cities of the world. Last year, the festival, which celebrated its decade, was visited by more than 300,000 people.

This year the festival will be held in 27 cities. In Europe – in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Liverpool, Vienna and Milan, and also for the first time in Tallinn – the cultural capital of Europe 2011. Our capital has fallen out of honor to take Bicycle Film Festival first of the northern countries, and Tallinn will become the northernmost point on the map of Europe, where the festival passed.

In early June, Brendt Barbour will personally come to Tallinn – the cultural capital of Europe 2011. According to Risto Calmra, the BFF producer in Tallinn and the chief organizer of the Tallinn cycling week, the festival has attracted cyclists from neighboring countries. "Even the famous cycling cities like Helsinki and Stockholm have not yet had the opportunity to spend BFF. We hope that the global coverage of the festival and an interesting program together by the Tallinn Cycling will inspire urban cyclists, "he said.

In the Bicycle Film Festival program on June 2 in 19.00 In the Artis Cinema will be represented by the short film "Simpel Dream" (Estonia 2011). Tape tells a simple story about how the dream of a young cyclist from Tartu was fulfilled – perform on a par with the stars from Simpel Session, on one of the largest BMX competitions and skate borders.

Festival films program:

Film Festival about cyclists

June 2 at 19.00, artis: 16 short films

June 2 at 21.00 in the Artis Cinema: 3 Short Film + "Riding The Long White Cloud" (New Zealand / Canada 2009)

June 3 in 19.00 at NO99 Straw Theater: 1 short film + "Where Are you go" (Canada, 2009)

June 3 at 21.00 in the NO99 theater from straw: 4 short films + "Big Air’i Sund" (USA, 2010)

Film Festival about cyclists

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