Filipsburg. Dutch capital of Saint-Martin Island

Philipsburg (Philipsburg) is located on the Caribbean Sea island of Saint-Martin and is the capital of his Dutch. It was founded by John Philips, who were engaged in the island of sugar production. In honor of this Dutch sailor and was called the city. Philipsburg takes only 2.07 km², but lives active life.

Its population is about 2,000 people. In Philipsburg, only two streets: Vorstrat and Ahtershrat. Street Vorshrat – Business center city. Here you can find elegant restaurants, gambling establishments, shops selling duty-free goods and jewelry.

Ahtershrath – A more modest street, but, walking along it, you can relax from the bustle, admire the colonial architecture, plunge into the atmosphere of the old Dutch City and admire it with a tiled houses with white facades and small windows.

On the island all year round is favorable weather. Summer temperature on average is +28 °C, and winter – +24 °WITH. Strong rains go from the end of spring and until the end of autumn. From August to October on the island sometimes Typhoon. The most comfortable time for the visit to Philipsburg is the period from the end of December to April.

You can get to Philipsburg in air or water transport. Near the city there are two airports, there is a large port. Locals and tourists in Philipsburg often move on taxi and buses. In numerous companies providing transport to rent, it is possible to rent not only a car and a motorcycle, but even a yacht.

The main attraction of Philipsburg is the gentle Caribbean Sea and the Gorgeous Coast with the Purest Sand White. On it you can find the beaches for every taste: populous and secluded. Grate Bay, Point Blanche, Macho Beach and many other beaches have a well-adapted infrastructure.

Fans of outdoor activities waiting for fascinating snorkeling, snorkeling, fishing. Remarkable long Safari on the jungle and sea walks on yachts and boats. For lovers of gambling in Little Philipsburg, about two dozen more than two casinoes are open.

The main historical sights of the city – Ancient courthouse, monument of Queen Wilhelmines, several temples, Forts Willem and Amsterdam. You can get acquainted with the past Philipsburg in the museum. Will not leave indifferent lovers of nature and visiting the farm butterflies. Contains more than 4,000 of these beautiful insects.

Botanical Garden and Zoo are also pride citizens. Many species of rare animals live in them. Filipsburg and at night: a large number of clubs and bars hospitably discover their doors to visitors.

Filipsburg. Dutch capital of Saint-Martin Island

I wonder to visit the island during local holidays and festivals. Saint-Martin carnival tourists are very popular, which continues for two weeks. Every month in Philipsburg, sailing competitions are held.

Main dishes in local restaurants are preparing, of course, from sea delicacies. Most often, visitors are ordered by lobsters, shrimps and langustes. Offer cooks to taste roasted barracudis, salt cod, baked shells prepared by different ways of Lutian, soups from cacti and iguana.

There is a meat dishes from lamb and pork in the Philipsburg institutions menu. Garnish most often are rice or beans. For dessert, you can order ice cream, fruit, pies, buns. Loved guests of the city and food prepared on the old Dutch recipes. Imported drinks in restaurants and cafes Philipsburg offer almost any. The most famous local drink is rum «Guavberry».

Filipsburg – The popular resort, which comes every year more and more tourists. Therefore, there are many hotels and hotels here. However, it must be remembered that rest in them will be hidden. But at the same time, the level of service and quality of services provided in them will be at a very high level.

In the price, for example, can log in the personal cook service and massage. On the territory of hotels there is always a swimming pool, gym, spa. Price per room in such hotels is from $ 450 per night. But there is in Philipsburg and inexpensive hotels, the cost of staying in them ranges from 90 to $ 100 per night. If the journey is scheduled for the height of the season, the room is better to book in advance.

Filipsburg. Dutch capital of Saint-Martin Island

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