Filipin airlines

Average series of local and international airlines (Philippine Airlines, Air Ads, Air Philippines Corporation, Air Soriano Aviation, Asian Spirit Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Grand Air, Laoag International Airlines, Mindanao Express, Pacific Airways, etc.) Local airlines are served by connecting the country’s 253 aerodrome and the countless set of WFP for hydraulic agents, often being the only means of communication with remote islands.

Regular air communication is carried out between the capital and the islands of Davao, Mindanao and the island of Manado (Indonesia). Airplanes are fairly modern, the abolition of flights is usually carried out only on weather conditions. International Flight Tax is charged – 550 Pesos ($ 11), for domestic flights – 100 peso ($ 2). Children under two years and transit passengers from tax exempted.

The flights are usually quite inexpensive if you purchase tickets for a month or two before departure. Promotions and sale of tickets for prices of $ 20-30 are available on any directions. It is important to keep in mind that the price indicated in the advertising of the Philippine air carriers will never include airport fees constituting up to 50% of the tariff.

Reviews and studies of trips

Filipin airlines

From Hong Kong to the Philippines with phones in hand

Hong Kong is the main hub of Cathay Pacific. Airport in Hong Kong is also a bulk island, because of what the airport project has become the most expensive in the world and got into the Guinness Book of Records. Read more →

TC FAME | Summer 2015

Philippines: Vacation failed

Flight to Cebu, and the long-awaited hotel, in the morning to the beach. Morning comes, and here it turns out that I am again in the breakfast, it is the island of Makatan, the city of Lapa-paw, no beaches, bars and hotels here! Everybody is going to Bochol, well, or even somewhere, and here I am here, the hotel is not he chose, as a result of 5 days wept around the city, studying the life of the local population. Read more →

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