Transport to Fiji: Personal Experience

Bus ride from Nandi Airport to Coral Coast

Bus ride from Nadi Airport (Nadi) to hotels located on the coral shore, costs much cheaper than taxi. Upon arrival to take advantage of the bus, go to the departure hall and expect a bus there next to the country of the country of the SUVA (Suva). Search for a regular bus at the exit from the arrival hall is meaningless, they are usually not stopped.

Fiji transport Personal experience

From Nandi Airport to the Coral Coast coast, two transport companies – Sunbeam and Pacific. If you have the opportunity to choose from two companies, then stop your choice on Pacific: their silver gray buses are much more convenient, as they have four standard chairs in a row. In Sunbeam buses in each row, five chairs (two left and three to the right of the passage), so the seats are very narrow and uncomfortable. If your neighbor is a fat local resident, discomfort is guaranteed for the whole trip.

The price of travel from both companies is approximately the same and depends on the distance. For example, a ticket to the town of Pacific Harbour costs about 15 Fijian dollars. You can buy a ticket either at the cashier who is on duty on the sidewalk near the departure hall, or at the cashier inside the cabin cabin. The board is accepted only in local currency, so buy it in advance in the exchange station in the arrival hall.

Fiji transport Personal experience

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