Fights bulls

June 24 in the small Bosnian village of Tsvlylanovichi will be held traditional bins. It is expected that about 70 thousand tourists from all over the world will arrive at them.

The July two-day fair, which by tradition ends in battles of bulls – spectacular and exciting battle between specially trained animals, is held in the village since 1947.

However, in the light of the opportunity to enter the European Union with the opportunity to join the Bosnian and Herzegovina (so far, this territorial education does not have the status of a candidate for entry), the authorities considered the rules for carrying out overly cruel. The fact is that for greater expressiveness, the animals dragged the horns and beat them with sticks to get angry. Such measures often led to the fact that the bulls gibbles during the contractions.

Fights bulls

Modern rules for carrying out such competitions are not just prohibited to sharpen the bulls of the horns, and on the contrary, forcing them to focus and bear. The presence of veterinarian team in the arena of the Vets team, which inspect the animals and carry out anti-doping control.

A kind of compensation for the loss of the show of its entertainment was a significant increase in the reward for the victory – it can reach 10 thousand euros. The loser also does not leave empty hands – it is waiting for a comforting prize in the amount of 3 thousand euros.

Fights bulls

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