The most high-along resort of Catalonia – Bow-Taul (BOI TAULL) is located in the amazingly beautiful Val de battle valley, at an altitude of 1600m., all his descents are built even higher — Starting with 2020m. and about 2800m. This resort on such expensive and glamorous, like a neighboring biker-takes, but very popular among residents of Spain tourists from other countries.

Bow Taul is 24 kilometers from the resort of Bakeyra-takes, among the skiers he is little known, and, due to this, is a few and suitable for a relaxing holiday and skiing.

Despite the fact that the battles are located high enough in the mountains, it is in great demand among holidaymakers with children, because for small skiers here have created the most comfortable conditions: there is a ski kindergarten, teenage disco and entertainment clubs, excellent animation, nanny and entertainment clubs Instructors for children.

The resort of battles – Taul is very democratic in terms of prices and recreation organizations, here you can relax with the whole family without much cash spending.

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What is interesting to look at battle-taul?

Top attractions fighting taul

Boeful Taul: Excursions and Events

The tracks and slopes of battle-taul, as it is impossible to fit both beginners, and children, and experienced skiers. 48 slopes are located on the slopes, and their length is almost 46 kilometers. In addition, there are 13 lifts that can move over 10 thousand on the slopes. skiers per hour.

Mandatory color division – there is «Green» and «blue» Descents suitable for not very experienced skiers, in battle-taul them 6 and 8, respectively.

The slopes of these gentlemen, wide enough, perfectly rolled and remarkably suitable for skiing skiing. The simplest tracks are located at the bottom of the resort area.

The greatest number of tracks in the resort of the bato-taul – «Red», They are equipped 25 and they are above all the rest.

Such descents will donate those who do not consider themselves to the number of newcomers, although it does not dare to conquer the most complex slopes. The most complex and estrous «Black» Descents here are only 9.

On the resort of battles-taul is one of the best snowboarding park in these places «Vakes», Where guests are waiting for a springboard, a magnificent Sannaya Track, more than 40 km. flat skiing.

History battle-taul

Climate in fighting taul

Soft and pretty nice climate waiting for tourists in battles, as well as original and very beautiful landscape and amazingly beautiful landscapes. This part of the mountains and neighboring resorts have a slight difference from the rest of the pyrenees, and the relief and climatic features are very reminded by another beautiful ski resort – Alps.

Fighting Taul, Spain Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Boi Taul Travel Guide

In battle-taul, the skiing season continues from the beginning of December to April. Climate in fighting taul Dictates at a short distance Atlantic Ocean. Details can be found the weather in the battles by months. Snow guns are also intended to help nature, which contributes to a uniform distribution of snow along the tracks (guns here, by the way, has more than 500).

Fighting Taul: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The Boy-Taul complex offers a large number of options for outdoor activities for the whole family. There are 13 lifts moving on the slopes of about 10 thousand. skiers per hour. There are two ski schools with a hundred instructors for adults and children on the territory of the Bow Taul resort, there is a sanka route, a tennis court, snowpark, equestrian opportunities, golf club.

The complex includes six hotels, many restaurants, cozy cafes and bars. Season lasts from December to March. The resort of battle-tul has not yet acquired world fame, due to which it is calm and no more.

Activities in battles-taul Popular among skiers with children — For small athletes, a kindergarten and a kids club built, there is a disco for teenagers and animators teams, nanny and children’s instructors are offered.

The day of riding on the slopes of battle-taul will cost ok. 35 €. Ski-Pass for 7 days costs 160 €. For children up to 6 years old, skating free, from 6 to 13 years old DISCOUNT 20-25%.

Transport features fighting taul

13 lifts will help to move on numerous slopes of the battle complex, which move tourists over the slopes (bandwidth – about 10 thousand. skiers per hour).

Distances here are small, in the village you can move on foot, it is possible to rent a bike, and a regular flight bus will help to get to Toulouse from battles.

Fighting Taul, Spain Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Boi Taul Travel Guide

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