fifth continent

In none of the prosperous countries of the world will you find such a combination of well-being with untouched nature and the endless expanse.

Today "Aeroflot" from flights to Australia he refused, citing economic reasons. However, chock full of passengers (including Russia) 747 airline KLM say that "economic reasons" Cancellation of flights connected only with inept management of our airline.

The route Amsterdam – Sydney is the longest for KLM and its execution is entrusted to the best crews. We landed at the international airport in Sydney day and after two hours, I flew on, in Adelaide, the local airline Boeing ANSET.

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia – serene million city on the ocean. The central part of the multi-storey with a few modern skyscrapers is small, and the main town is made up of one or two storey houses in which they live adelaidtsy. Striking the perfect purity, accuracy and flawless finish of buildings.

Stepping out of the hotel in the morning, I was surprised discordant singing of birds. At first I thought it was just music from the player, the inclusion of green light at an intersection (in Japan and Korea, the green light is usually accompanied by the singing of the birds), but there was no traffic around, and continued singing. The strong impression left lower transparent-blue sky with clouds and clearly defined at all unusual for us to plant life. First thick book, which I read as a child was "The Children of Captain Grant" Jules Verne, and I was surprised to recognize in the landscape of this book in the surrounding me, which seemed almost fantastic.

I was interested in the art of Australian Aboriginal. The fact is that in 1990 in the Museum of Ethnography of St. Petersburg, an exhibition of paintings by Aboriginal artists was held, she made a big impression on me and wanted to learn more about this art. Aboriginal Art is located in Adelaide "Tandania", where there is a rich library and arrange exhibitions of artists -Aboorigen. A good picture of the original can be purchased for 300-400 US dollars. Of course, for professors from Russia, this is a big amount, but for our businessmen is quite acceptable. Externally, the picture is attractive even for a human middle cultural level, but their value is very large for Russia, at least because I do not know a single meeting containing pictures of Australian authors. I highly recommend those who managed to make enough enough, to upset and buy for themselves several such paintings, understanding that they partially reach their guilt, importing cultural values ​​to their homeland.

Despite the advice of friends, I decided to go from Adelaide to Melbourne by bus. The ticket costs 40 Australian dollars, but you get great pleasure, contemplating Australian landscape, getting acquainted with small neat towns found along the way (350 km). I left 8.15 am and already in 19.30 was in Melbourne. For small cities are characterized by wide streets, beautiful buildings of the colonial period, which are in excellent condition and abundance of greenery.

Australians are calm and friendly, on the streets, in stores, in the cafe and bars I have never come across rudeness and was not a witness to the speakerphone clarification of relationships.

Fifth continent

At first we drove along the motorway with a divided movement, but very soon the road narrowed, reminding our regional roads, and only kilometers in 90 to Melbourne again passed into the motorway. Passing the hills surrounding Adelaide, we left for a flat road with endless fields of wheat, which were alternating with forest plantings. After Horsham in the state of Victoria, the road again went through the hilly terrain, gigantic tower trees and magnolia began to appear, we drove through the virgin forests and picturesque valleys. Small cities Apart, Borford, Ballarat surprised accuracy, well preserved architectural monuments of the Victorian era and purity.

Melbourne appeared unexpected. The bulk of modern skyscrapers distinctly stand out on the scaled plain. A few more minutes – and we ended up at the city bus station. Melbourne and Sydney rightfully come in the top five most beautiful cities in the world. Beauty is achieved by mixing architectural styles. Here with modern skyscrapers from glass and administrative buildings and banks of colonial time. The city center is a rectangle, on the perimeter of which up to 6 pm the so-called "Urban ring tram", the passage of which is worthless. Four-axle tram cars themselves – the construction of the beginning of the century – in excellent condition and riding it gives great pleasure. In addition, using it, you can see the entire city center. In general, the tram is the most important type of public transport. Tram tracks, like a moving composition, are in excellent condition.

Of course, because of a strong car movement there are traffic jams. One day I had to go around 1.5 km to transfer a car standing in the tail in the tail in a different tram, leaving the rear. It is worth visiting the art gallery, which in its wealth cannot be compared with our meetings, but on the aesthetics of the design of expositions certainly deserves attention. In addition, there are several famous pictures of French impressionists. In the city and around it there are many attractions (for example, Victoria Markt), but I do not want something specifically to recommend our tourists, the whole city is interesting in itself and therefore I advise you just wander down the center, go to restaurants and bars, go to the tram for the nearest Beach.

On Sydney I had very little time. At the initial plan, I arrived in Sydney by aircraft at 13.00, departing from Melbourne at 11.00. However, I found myself at Melbourne Airport at 8.55 and, instantly issuing travel documents, managed to a plane flying out in Sydney in 9.00. As a result, in 11.00 I was already in place. At the airport there are automatic storage chambers (the same as we were in the early 80s), and using a regular bus (the cost of 9 Austrian dollars there and back), I found myself in the city center for Alfred Street, right in the Sydney Harbor. To the left of me the famous Sydney suspension bridge (miracle of the beginnings of the beginning of the century), right a huge sink of Sydney opera. Without reaching the bridge, on the left, next to the historical building of the Ocean Marine Station is the observation deck, from where you can make excellent pictures of the opera theater and a group of skyscrapers, close to the harbor. Landscape decorates in the foreground, at an altitude of the 6-7th floor, highway "Kakhil Expressay" and passing the railway. Changing the harbor, I approached the Opera theater and then I was disappointed. The dazzling white surface of huge sinks – the roof of the theater was covered with a banal white ceramic tile, and the theater glasses were contaminated and, apparently, did not wash. Next, I went through Pitt Street to the city center for television, which is also an important landmark. Here on the corner of the market Street there is a monorail road station and those who have not enjoyed this type of transport, I highly recommend making a ring through Darling Harbor past the exhibition center and the Maritime Museum. Monorail road sometimes passes through buildings, sometimes hangs over water or goes over the sidewalk, occupying very little space in the city movement. The entire route requires about half an hour, but you will have time to see a lot.

Returning to the Street Market, I turned to the main street of George Street, starting her inspection with a huge Queen Victoria Bilding – a department store from a red stone built in colonial style. Passing to the north back to the harbor, I went to the historic district "Rocks", place where Sydney begins. There are many private restaurants and bars here and from here you can climb the famous Sydney Bridge. Bars is free and cozy, a glass of beer costs about 2 Australian dollars and you instantly serve. It was already four hours and it was necessary to return to the airport. Back I flew CLM. At Sydney Airport hung a table with the inscription "Aeroflot", And I was delighted, thinking that our airline resumed the flight to Australia, but it turned out that the sign remained from old times.

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