Fifteen free Tokyo entertainment

Tokyo is traditionally considered a very expensive city, but here there are opportunities to get free pleasures that will leave the mark in memory, without devastating the wallet.

You can see for free in Tokyo:

1. The most ancient temple of Tokyo

Senseodji, the most ancient Temple of Tokyo, was founded in the 7th century. There is a belief that smoke, rising from the urn installed in front of the temple for the invoking of the incense, has healing properties, therefore, most likely, during a visit to the temple, you will see many people trying to touch him.

2. The sanctuary of Maizzi

This ancient Shinto sanctuary was built in honor of the emperor Maidi and is located in the heart of a green oasis in the very center of Tokyo. In the garden surrounding the sanctuary, plants are collected from all over Japan.

3. One of the numerous festivals in Tokyo

Festivals – an important part of Japanese culture. They pass regularly throughout the year. The topics of the festival can be a different – "flowers", "moon", "fertility", "longevity", "Pomping mercy", "children", "stars" and etc. During the festivals, you will probably witness colorful processions and ideas.

4. Fish Market Tsukuji

The world’s largest fish and seafood market opens at 9 am. In addition to fish here, you can find counters with dried mushrooms, tea, algae, pickles and kitchen utensils. Visit the Tsukuji Honganzi temple located near the architecture of which Indian motives prevail.

  • Fish in the Tsukidzi market
  • Prices in the Tsukidzi market
  • Sustia in the Tsukidzi market

5. Technical novelties in the Sony Demonstration Hall

In a 11-storey building, Sony Building can be viewed on various high-tech devices. Do not miss the ability to test the novelties for the Sony PlayStation console, which are demonstrated on a huge monitor. The demonstration rooms of Nissan, Toyota and Honda companies can also be visited absolutely free.

6. Visiting photo galleries

Visit the best photo galleries of the city, in which it will be possible to get acquainted with the works of famous world-class photographers. Among the most visited phototer Fuji Film Square in the Roppong area and demonstration rooms of Canon, Nikon and Kodak on Gindse, in the Shinjuki district you will find Konica Minolta and Pentax Desertion Halls. Here – constantly updated exhibitions of beginner and professional photographers, in some there are museums of photographic equipment.

7. Free excursion with locals

Tokyo has many attractions that you can find out during a free excursion that you will spend. local. Often "Goodwill guides" Students, housewives and pensioners become. Excursions pass throughout the city throughout the day. You will be asked to pay guide’s transportation costs and the cost of entrance tickets to the landmarks, but the excursion itself will be free.

eight. Visit the most beautiful gardens and parks Tokyo

Fifteen free Tokyo entertainment

Trees "Bonsai", Stone lamps, gardens of stones and multicolored carps – all this can be seen in the gardens and ponds of the capital. Many of them are open to free visits – for example, the eastern gardens of the Imperial Palace, the classic Japanese Garden of Sin-Edogawa with carp and stone lamps, as well as the Nazyza Sanctuary, famous for the blossom of Azaliy in May. Weno Park (Ueno) is famous for the blooming in April Sakura and abundance of museums and other attractions.

nine. Exciting views of Tokyo

The height of the Tokyo metropolitan government building, or the Tokyo City Hall, is 243 meters. The building consists of two towers designed by the Kendzo Tang designer, 48 floors in each. On the 45th floor there are viewing platforms, which can be reached on the high-speed elevator in just 55 seconds. From here there is a wonderful view of Tokyo. In clear weather you can see Yokohama and the sacred Mount Fuji. Places are open daily from 9:30 to 23:00.

  • Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • View from the observation deck of the mayor’s office
  • Youth in the Kharazyuk district
  • Amateur "Cosplay"

ten. Visit free urban museums

There is a huge number of interesting museums in Tokyo, a visit to you will not cost a penny. You can visit the Sumo Museum, the world’s only parasite museum, advertising museum, beer museum, museum of glasses, fire museum, banknotes and postage museum and currency museum.

eleven. Visiting Sumo School

SUMO Fight – one of the most popular sports entertainment in Tokyo. A visit to one of the Sumo schools can be great luck. There are about 50 such schools in Tokyo. Here they live and train Sumo wrestlers ("Symotori"), Which morning workouts can be visited completely free.

12. Youth in the Kharazyuk district

Every Sunday in the area near the Haradjuk station is going to the Japanese youth, spuning into the colorful outfits of various styles. Including amateurs gather here "Cosplay" (Cosplay – Costume Play) dressed in suits stylized under the heroes of popular anime. In the park there are entertainment views, concerts of local music groups and training of martial arts lovers. Be sure to visit Harajuku on Sunday!

13. Bike ride in the territory of the Imperial Palace

Bicycle rental and ride through the territory of the Imperial Palace you can also absolutely free. Every Sunday, in order of session, you can take a bike to be returned no later than 15:00.

fourteen. Acquaintance with traditional Japanese drink

In Sake Plaza, you will tell you all about the famous Japanese alcoholic beverage – Sake. About 6,000 books on this topic collected in the local library. There is also a computer to search for a specific brand. You can visit the tasting zone.

15. Architectural tour of Tokyo

Walk through the Omotesando Boulevard (Omotesando). The modern architectural appearance of Japan is an unusual mixture of new products from the brilliant architects of Tadao Ando and Sigar Ban, supplemented by the fantasy of international masters. As a result, the architecture of Japan acquired an incredibly innovative character. Admire the amazing architecture of Tokyo while walking in Omothesiando.

Fifteen free Tokyo entertainment

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