Fiery glare of the sunset over the lake Crater

A lot of our amazing planet of all kinds of natural resources. But the special beauty, love and reverence people have always enjoyed the water spaces. Probably because it is water that is the source of life on Earth, and especially something great and mysterious than I want to enjoy forever.

Rich land and on the lake, where there is great variety in each state. But there are unique exhibits, which wants to tell a few special, different from other information.

For example, Crater Lake Crater. It was formed in the United States lands since ancient times in the region of Oregon, and today It is a national treasure this state. A distinctive feature of this lake is its amazing and just extremely pure water. In our time of modern technology and contaminated ecology is really a rarity. In this regard, even the color of the water in the lake has not the slightest greenish tint, as can be seen in any other waters of the world. So we do not see the dark glare. Only the sky – blue expanse, not darkened by the admixture of extra mud flows. Its waters extend to a distance of 10 km and a depth of just over 600 meters. In addition, the waters of the Cretera are partially filled with a taper from the cooled volcano Mazam, formed in this territory over 7,000 years ago. The crate is considered the second in depth among Lake America. But the Americans have always regretted that our Baikal is still doubled the cruiser for all deep-water parameters.

But the fact that the lake itself is located in the area of ​​the mining plateau at an altitude of about 3000 meters. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has such a unique purity. As they say, the farther from people and civilization, the healthier and cleaner will be.

Not so much in the light of the winds, which will be discarded to go to such a long way, only to admire the lake beauties. Lift to the lake will be long and difficult. The authorities did not specifically take special efforts to arrange the territory so that the crowds of people did not break into this area and did not climb the environment so perfect purity.

But the first visitors of this area became the American traveler, athlete and climbing John Hilman. The event occurred in 1853, since then, scientists have repeatedly spend their numerous studies and do not cease to be surprised by the preserving qualities of this water over a long period. It is possible that the reason for such an unprecedented sterility was too low, which simply does not allow the possibility of forming all kinds of bacteria.

Fiery glare of the sunset over the lake Crater

Amazing feature of Kreter is Floating in it log. It would seem anything special. But it is only at first glance because logs only in a vertical position and never lies horizontally. This natural miracle science can not be explained, if only because the center of gravity of this tree is absolutely the same. Log received name "Lake Star" and has become a favorite entertainment of all those heroes who have found strength and opportunities to get to this place.

Several years ago in this area in all respects of the lake National Park was created. A few tourists from all parts of the world flocked here. Swim in the lake is impossible, because it is located in a rather harsh climatic zone and also high in the mountains. Therefore, throughout the year, water in it remains very cold, and most of the shore is covered with snow cover. But it does not make it less beautiful. This locality must be seen to feel how delicious and unique it is.

But quite recently, scholars seismologists registered underground shocks rebelliously rebelled volcano. And the authorities decided not to risk the life of people, as the volcano of this kind can wake up at any time and cause a lot of misfortunes around people.

Therefore, it remains only to admire and care on the part of the still existing wealth in the form of Crater Lake National Park, which has preserved for us the nature of.

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