Field of ballpoint in Kazakhstan

On the huge territory scattered stone balls of several meters of diameter &# 8212; That’s what it is Field of ball concrete. Some of them are perfectly round, some split and resemble a flying plate stuck in the ground. There are small balls of tennis ball.

Part 2: Field of ballpoint

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While we changed money in the sketpe and went to the store, no time passed. In the end, B Valley of ball concretion We arrived already in the dark. The road in some places led through the same specifics and sometimes had to get out of the car and show the driver how best to drive.

Stopped spending the night right on the road. The cars managed to sink between the conscripts so that if anyone goes the road was free. In the evening we sat down, stared kebabs (thanks again Tanya with Vova), met.

Morning went to inspect local attractions. Around the balls &# 8212; Circle interesting. except them You can meet steppe turtles, who live here in large quantities.

How balloons were formed

Field of ballpoint in Kazakhstan

Simple words, the balls on the field of nodules were formed at the time when Mangistau was the bottom of the sea. Sea Organisms died, their remains went down to the bottom and there gradually fought minerals from sea water. So thousands of thousands of balls grew, until the sea retreated. Now you can come here by car and look at this miracle of nature.

After Fields of ballpoint We traveled to Grief Sherkala. Mountain looks like a huge yurt standing in the steppe.

There is a legend that on the top of the mountain there is a well and once defenders of the ancient city, standing on the mountain, so as not to get into his hands to the invaders descended into this well. Since there is no exit from the well, they stayed there, retaining your honor and dignity. Legend legend, but the existence of the city is confirmed by numerous finds of historians.

Next to the mountain there is a small Oasis Akhysh. There goes the stream and grow high deciduous trees that a large luxury for mangistau. Here come to relax and enjoy a pleasant cool. But for us this place was not exotic and, as local Vova offered to Tanya, we did not take pictures from the trees &# 8212; All the same, we are from the middle strip of Russia and we have enough of this reason))

The next interesting point of our roadway has become Ancient necropoli mangistau, But about this in the next part.

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